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What boxes to use for packing Before Moving

Are you about to move, and do you want to pack all your belongings as efficiently as possible? The move itself will go very smoothly with the right preparation, but without a sound packing system, everything can go haywire up to several weeks after the move day. The proper arrangements by the moving company Tucson can make sure that the move becomes easy.

Moving is an exciting moment in everyone’s life, but no one likes to load boxes. How the professional services sort your things so that you can find everything quickly? What should they pack first? What do they do with fragile objects such as plates and glasses? And when should they start with this, so that you do not run out of time? While the long-distance moving companies take care of the whole task, from packing to delivery, you need to know a few tips yourself along with their processes, isn’t it? 

When to start packing for your move?

Let’s start with this question because timing is essential when moving. It goes without saying that you do not start packing on the moving day itself. So they consider that it is best to load your first boxes two to three weeks in advance. These are things that you usually will not need in the next few weeks.

You will immediately notice that packing moving boxes are a time-consuming job, so do what you can do long before moving yourself as soon as possible. There is nothing wrong with even starting to load two months before your move. Otherwise, you can hire the packers and movers Tucson services for a proper packing and moving process. 

Here are the things that they do for proper packing before the move:

They Make a checklist and label your moving boxes.

They don’t just start loading boxes blindly, because that’s a recipe that’s guaranteed to lead to chaos. It is best to work with a handy list on which they indicate what they have already done and what they still need to do. Of course, many moving apps help them with this. For example, ‘Moving App – Moving Checklist’ is a free application for Android and iOS. The app contains various functions, such as a checklist that shows the essential tasks per period. So they can plan what they want to pack eight weeks before the move and what they still have to do on the very last day.

They don’t want to forget anything. So they make use of the app as it can send you a reminder. It is even possible for them to print labels for your moving boxes, so you immediately know which box needs to go to the bedroom and the kitchen or living room. 

That brings us to other vital information. They organize your moving boxes so that you still know very well in which box you put certain items. This way, they avoid that some items are still missing months after your move.

Go to your new address quickly and without worries? Get order out of the chaos! Get the help of the professional services now for a sound move. Search with movers near me, and you will have the best results there about the packers also.

They pack the things for your move as practically as possible. 

Not only do the packers and movers think carefully about which items they put together, but also it is an art for them to pack a moving box as practically as possible. What they should put in your moving boxes first depends from service to service. But they keep these tips in mind:

The movers in Tucson, Arizona, make sure your boxes are not too heavy. This way, they make sure that boxes don’t tear and that you don’t have to drag them hard. It goes without saying that they put the heaviest items at the bottom of the box and then stack lighter items on top. It is also best to leave as little space as possible in each box. Otherwise, items may start to scroll.

They pack your most valuable items, such as jewelry, in a separate box that you keep handy. After all, you don’t want to risk losing these things.

They keep parts of objects together. The cables from your PlayStation, the screws from a piece of furniture that you have disassembled, they put them in a separate bag, but make sure that they come together in the same box. If necessary, they take a photo of it, so that they and you both can still remember which items belong to each object.

Are there liquids in your moving boxes? The packers make sure that everything is well closed. It is best not to put it in boxes with things that absolutely must not get wet.

How do they remember which box you put certain items in? Of course, there is also an app for that. In fact, their use of different applications and methods turn things easier for you at every level. But it is not over yet. There are fragile items to pack now! Trust the moving companies in Tucson, Arizona, for the work to be done correctly in these cases.

They take extra care of fragile items. 

We should actually add a tip to the rules above, because how do you safely put your plates and glasses in moving boxes? Chances are the kitchen will be last, so let the professional services time to pack these items carefully: 

They support fragile objects with old newspapers, shredded paper, or Styrofoam. They can also roll glasses and plates in towels and clothes.

They place a soft bottom, such as paper, in the moving box. This way, the packers protect fragile objects when someone puts the box on the ground. Also, they put soft material in between so that the contents of the box do not move too much.

Many can stack glasses together, but they do not place other objects on top of them. They can also place towels or tissue paper over it for safety.

They prefer to place plates and dishes on their side in the moving box. This reduces the chance that they can break.

And of course: clearly label boxes with breakable items, so that movers can clearly see that they need to be extra careful with this.

Keep a separate box with essentials. 

Are you moving in one day? We all dream of it, but in reality, you are still very happy with unloading. Of course, you will need immediately on the first night in your new house or apartment. That is why it is best to load a box or a bag with everything you want to keep at hand. Think of toothpaste, your pajamas, underwear, and some clothes for the next day, toiletries, your laptop, the charger of your smartphone, etc. Let the professionals do the significant packing works. 

The helping movers‘ Packers do a big clean in your cupboards and drawers. Over the years, you have probably piled up a lot of things that you no longer need. Your move is the ideal time to have a big cleaning. After all, you don’t have to move unnecessary items. They only take up space, shoes that no longer fit, clothes are worn out, and appliances that no longer work. Save yourself the trouble of sorting these things in a box.

Maybe you also have items of value that you no longer need? Then take the help of the packers to separate them for reselling or giving them away. This is the chance for you, and so do not spoil it.

Conclusion: A few Last Minute tips for a smooth move

Good organization is essential for anyone who wants to move efficiently. Therefore, a few extra tips that may be of use to you:

Are you moving entire cabinets to your new home? Then you don’t have to empty the drawers at all. Tie a protective film over it and take the slides and their contents with you. The local movers Tucson can take care of these services as well.

Do you have too few moving boxes?

No problem. You probably still have baskets or suitcases somewhere that you can load up. For example, a travel suitcase on wheels is ideal for moving heavier objects. Leave clothes on the coat rack and put them in an empty garbage bag. This way, they stay neatly together, and you will only have to hang them in your new closet. With the information above, your moving day will look much brighter. Do not hesitate to use the professional Tucson moving services, because it will help you organize everything even better.


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