4 Moving Safety Tips

MovingPacking and moving can be a physically taxing activity, especially when you’re going at it alone. From minor injuries, broken bones, to damaged property, there are several risks to consider when choosing to move on you own. Check out these four helpful safety tips to avoid injury at every stage of your local or long distance move.

1. Avoid the Heat

Here in Tucson, the summer heat can be utterly brutal. While a more insidious danger than pulling your back or dropping a box on your foot, it’s important that you consider the effects of sun exposure and dehydration.

It’s best to avoid the heat of midday entirely by taking an hour or two break, but that’s seldom practical. Instead, as most movers in Tucson can agree on, be careful to hydrate regularly and take shorter ten minute breaks to get your strength back before restarting.

Protect Your Back

Unfortunately, back injuries are all too common when it comes to moving as most local Tucson Movers could tell you. Repetitive lifting can take a toll and weaken the back until it suddenly gives out.

There are several ways to protect your back from wrenching. The first is to never pack boxes that way more than 50 pounds. Keeping boxes to a more manageable size decreases the chances of losing control of it while lifting, and lessens strain on the back.

The old saying about lifting with the knees is also valid: keep your spine straight while you lift, and make a conscious effort to use the muscles in your legs.

Keep Clutter Away

It’s hard to be neat and clean when you’re in the middle of moving, but leaving toys and knick-knacks on the floor is an easy way to trip and fall. The cluttered mess can also make it hard for your local Tucson movers to get through. Make room for a walking area in and around your home to avoid potential hazards. Always clean up after yourself and keep clutter to a minimum while you pack and transport your boxes and furniture.

Pets and small children also have a habit of getting underfoot at the most inopportune of times. Play pens and closed room doors are perfect for keeping them occupied and happy until you’re finished packing.

Don’t Do It Alone

There are some pieces of furniture that are going to be just too large and heavy for you to manage on your own. More than just helping with larger items, having someone help you move also lessens the impact of repeated loading and unloading boxes.

Keep Your Move Safe and Sound with Professional Tucson Movers

Here at Zooz Moving, our movers are professionally trained and ready to help with all of your local and long distance moving needs. We offer full-service packing and moving solutions to assist with every stage of your move. No matter what you need moved, whether it be a large piano or a small lamp, we can help you get it done quickly and safely.

Discover all the difference hiring a professional and local Tucson mover can make. To get started on your stress-free home or office move, count on Zooz Moving. For more information, contact us today at (520) 447-0900.

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