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What’s the Zooz difference? Experience.

As one of the few veteran Tucson Moving Companies, we've served the Tucson area from the beginning. Zooz, the local Tucson Movers, know AZ moves inside and out. Moving in Arizona can be especially tricky, as most Tucson local movers would tell you, because of one thing: the heat. Don't stress, let the pros here at Zooz come to your assistance. We, as professional local Tucson Movers, know how to handle it!

Situated just a few blocks away from the University of Arizona, student moves are one of our specialties as the premier Tucson moving company. We know what a busy time the end of the semester can be and believe us, you're not alone. Let us, your Local Tucson Movers, help you save time and money by getting you (and even your piano) out of your apartment on time.

You will receive the same treatment if you are moving one item or an entire home with Zooz, the top-notch Tucson moving company. Whether your a student needing help packing up your apartment, or a business owner looking to move your warehouse, our local Tucson movers here to help all along the way. Your move will be first-class whether you move 1 mile or 1000. That’s the Zooz guarantee.

After years as one of the top Tucson moving companies, Zooz founders came together and combined their knowledge to create a formula for a perfect move:


Zooz movers in Tucson, Arizona take time to work with you and plan each aspect of your move. Our local Tucson movers pride themselves on their attentiveness, as every detail of the customer's local and non-local Tucson move will be considered before our trucks even start their engines. Our professional local Tucson movers will anticipate every need along the way and be prepared for anything!


We know that each move will be unique. Our range of moving services, offered by our trusted Tucson moving company, are completely customizable to fit your needs. A professional Tucson local mover will work with you to discover how we can fit our services to your expectations.


Your possessions are important to you and our Tucson moving company will honor your privacy. Every move will be handled with discretion and respect. Our local Tucson movers will work quietly to ensure a peaceful, easy experience.


Faster doesn’t always mean better. When it comes to your possessions, you want them to be handled with care. Our movers in Tucson, Arizona will work quickly and operate with extreme care to ensure that everything is moved in perfect condition. Our Tucson moving company's local movers believe that attention to detail takes time.

These four steps, provided by our local Tucson Moving experts, will be put into practice for every Zooz move in Tucson, Arizona and non-locally. You will feel confident as we plan and personalize our services (like moving the extremely heavy family piano) and then execute with discretion and care.


Zooz Moving founders have worked to grow a successful and professional moving company in Tucson, Arizona. Though based in the southern AZ city, Zooz Moving offers a range of local and long distance moving services that meet the highest quality standards. Our professional Tucson moving company follows all guidelines outlined for the rights and responsibilities when you move by the FMCSA.

Our local Tucson movers take pride in the fact that we care.

Just as every person and business is unique, we know each move will be different too. Our experienced customer service reps coupled with our intimate knowledge of the local Tucson moving industry will allow us to take care of you, no matter what your situation.


At Zooz Moving, we want to be the best. That’s why our Local Tucson Movers go out of their way to offer above and beyond moving services at a rate you can afford. We understand what a hassle moving in Tucson, Arizona can be. We, as local movers in Tucson, also know it doesn’t have to be. When you make your local Tucson move with Zooz, you feel like you haven’t moved at all.

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