6 Dorm Room Essentials

As you are gearing up to move to your college dorm room for the first time, it can feel a bit overwhelming trying to figure out what to pack.  This is a great time to find out exactly how little you really need to be happy. That being said, there are a few dorm room essentials that you will not want to forget to pack.

    1. Surge protectors
      Think of all of the electronics you own that you use on a daily basis – a cell phone and charger, a laptop or desktop computer, perhaps an iPad or something similar. Well, first off, the plug to outlet ratio is way off in dorm rooms, meaning that you will have to choose what gets to be plugged in and what can wait. Not to mention, outlets are usually somewhat hidden, especially in small places like dorm rooms, meaning you will have to climb under your bed or desk and unplug one thing while plugging in another. A way to maximize the amount of electronics you can use and protect them from overheating and blowing a plug, is to use a surge protector. It is worth purchasing two, as you may have a refrigerator or microwave in your dorm room as well.
    2. Shower Caddy
      Gone are the days of counter space and drawers where you could store your items – when you are living in a dorm, you are sharing a bathroom with a LOT of people. You will want to invest in a shower caddy that is light and easy to carry with everything you will need when venturing out to get ready for the day. Ideally, your shower caddy will be able to hold your shampoo, conditioner, soap, razor, toothbrush and toothpaste and hang from a hook. You will also want to invest in shower shoes, or have a pair of sandals for sanitary reasons.
    3. Mini-Fridge
      If you are living in the dorms, then you have vouchers for the school eatery, but that does not mean you will always want to head down to the dining hall after a long night of studying (okay, let’s be honest – partying). Having a mini-fridge in your room will allow you to store drinks and some healthier food options, or pizza… Yeah, it’s probably just pizza. In any case, having a mini-fridge in your room will allow you to have snacks that you know will be available at anytime that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own bed.
    4. Microwave
      People under the age of 20 tend to consider themselves microwave connoisseurs. Give them something that requires cooking, and chances are they will try to put it in the microwave at some point. This will also give you the option of buying food for yourself and saving some credits from you meal plan, and who doesn’t want a microwave burrito every once in a while?!
    5. First Aid Kit
      Everyone should have a basic first aid kit in their homes, and a college dorm room is no exception. You will want to have things like band aids, antiseptic, burn ointment, aspirin, a thermometer and some hydrogen peroxide. Basically, you will want anything that you may need in the event of an emergency while waiting for help to arrive. Although you may be using it more for scraped knees or elbows, it is still important to tend to any wounds as soon as possible. You should also have an ice pack, and if you do not have a mini-fridge to keep it in, there are one time use packs that you break and bend until a cooling gel is activated and it gets cold.
    6. Get a few plastic drawer bins
      Plastic drawer bins are a lifesaver when you have limited storage space in your college dorm since they can be placed under a lofted bed. They are super light (no heavy, bulky dresser needed!), and since they are see through, you can tell which drawer contains which items. You can use them to store clothing, school supplies, toiletries, or anything else your heart desires! The other great thing about these is that you can find them in most stores such as Target or Walmart, so you will not have to make space for them in your vehicle, meaning that you can use that extra space for whatever you would like!

About a month before school starts, or perhaps even sooner, your school will contact you and let you know who your roommate is, and how you can contact them, which  you absolutely should! Not only will it be helpful to get to know your new roommate prior to moving in, but then you can coordinate so that you do not end up with duplicates of items, such as mini-fridges or microwaves.  If you have any other questions about how to coordinate a move to college, please feel free to reach out to us any time! Not only can we help you move locally within Tucson, but we also service long distance moves. Good luck!


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