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Freshmen moving into dorms for the first time

Congratulations!  You have graduated high school, and are now headed off to college all on your own.  Whether you are heading to the University of Arizona, Pima Community College, or if you are headed from Tucson to any other college in the nation, you will be faced with the prospect of moving your life into a new space.  College freshmen tend to have a lot of questions when it comes to moving out of their parents house and into a dorm room for the first time – what should you take, and often, more importantly, what can you take?

The first thing you want to determine will be what is the move in date provided by your new school.  Often times, schools will designate different move in dates and times and then give out passes to allow you to pull your vehicle in closer to the dorm hall for an hour.  Generally, when you are sent your acceptance letter, they will also include information for your move in date, and it is very important that you read all of the rules that they lay out for move in day.  Along with information about move in day, you should receive information about your new roommate. It is always a good idea to reach out to your roommate, not just to get to know them better, but also so that you two can avoid doubling up on items such as televisions or mini fridges.

Dorm rooms are notoriously small, so if you get a chance to go on a tour of your school and dorm rooms you should take note to how little space you will actually have available.  Something you can do to maximize your space is to ask your Resident Assistant to loft your bed (lift it higher) so that you have more storage available below the bed itself. You will also need to find out if mattresses are provided or if you will need to purchase a new one.  You will also want to take note of the set up of your dorm hall – what floor are you on? How many staircases do you have to climb? Is there an elevator, and if so, is it in working condition? Something else to inquire about is if there will be anyone available to help you unload your vehicle and bring boxes up.  Some universities have their athletic teams offer to help move incoming freshmen as a fundraiser. Keep in mind when packing that because the rooms are small, it would be rude and ineffective to bring a bunch of boxes and then expect to keep them stacked up for even just a few days. Be courteous to your new roommate and unpack as quickly as possible.

This should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway – you have limited space, so no, do not plan on bringing every single thing that you own.  When deciding what to take to college, it is a time to really declutter and reevaluate what is a necessity. Try to bring clothing that can be used in several different ways, limit the amount of shoes and this is certainly not the time to be bringing along your entire book or dvd collection.  You will have minimal space, and you would be shocked at how little you need to live day by day happily.

You will want to be well versed on the items that will be prohibited in your dorm room.  Things like irons, candles, space heaters, live plants or flowers are all on the no-go list.  Something else that people may not know is that you are not allowed to hang shelves or posters using nails, so if you have posters or pictures that you were planning to hang up, be sure that you bring scotch tape.

Speaking of scotch tape, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty, the actual moving itself.  If you have access to a hand truck dolly, it would be worth using it to stack boxes and roll them in.  Using a hand truck will greatly speed up the process of moving everything from your vehicle to your dorm room.  Also, rather than just bringing things up one box at a time which is time consuming and requires heavy lifting, you will be able to bring three or four boxes at a time.  If you have a few friends that are also going to the same college, it may be worth hiring a local Tucson mover. Movers will be able to load everything into one truck and then unload it into your dorm rooms, leaving you free to meet all of your new dorm neighbors.  Hiring a moving company in Tucson whether you live locally, which would be within a 50 mile radius, or you are coming from New York, is wise because they will know the area and will not be charging you for the extra distance and fuel costs of getting lost on their way to your dorm.  You could also hire movers in Tucson to simply drive a truck that you plan on loading and unloading yourself. Either way, it is helpful not to have to load multiple vehicles because you will only get one pass for the loading zone.

On your moving day, make sure that you eat and stay hydrated throughout the day.   It would also be wise to use sunblock on your moving day, because it is likely that you will be too distracted to notice if you are starting to get burnt.  Depending on where you are moving, Tucson especially, it can be quite warm in August so you will want to wear loose, comfortable and breathable clothing and have a water bottle on you at all times.  You should also wear comfortable shoes that are not open-toed just in case anything drops.

With a lot of planning and the help of friends and family, you will be moved in to your new dorm room in no time!  Be sure to enjoy every minute of your freshman year, and remember that next year you will be making another move, this time off campus!


10 Ways To Prepare For A Long Distance Move To OR From Tucson, Arizona

1. Make a plan

When you are looking to make a long distance move, many people are so excited about the bigger picture of arriving to their new home, that they don’t bother to nail down all of the small details that are necessary.  Creating a plan may seem like an obvious step, but you would be shocked by how many people tend to want to “wing it.” Having a plan in place creates a fail-safe when you are in the madness of packing your life and just don’t know what to do next.  Important things to note are the moving departure date and expected arrival date.

2. Downsize

People tend to put off the more tedious tasks in life, such as going through all of the years of junk they have accumulated, anything from clothing, tools, or crafting supplies.  When you are about to move, it is a great time to create a pile for things you will be donating, and things you will be throwing away. Do you really want to move even one extra box if it is not necessary?

3. Create and Inventory

While you’re going through all of your possessions, you should be creating an inventory list that you can go through when you are unpacking in your new home.  This is a way of knowing exactly what you’re bringing with you, and it will also be something that you can share with the company you choose for your long distance move to or from Tucson.  Creating an inventory is also an excellent way to ensure what exactly you are bringing so that there is no confusion if you happened to have donated some items when you were in the process of downsizing.

4. Moving Insurance

One of the things that people often overlook is purchasing moving insurance.  Moving insurance is especially important on a long distance move, and while the chance that  you will need to use it are not high, it is a protection in place for the unthinkable. It is worth calling your insurance company to see if they offer moving insurance, but even if they do not, you can usually purchase it through your moving company.

5. Research moving companies

Whether you are making a long distance move TO Tucson or a long distance move FROM Tucson, hiring a reputable company within Tucson is a must!  Tucson is a very unique place, with weather that can be deemed extreme to people who are not familiar with the area. A lot of people want to opt for the cheapest moving service available, but that is not always wise.  Your first call to a company can tell you a lot about how they run their business. Were they kind, courteous, respectful and helpful on that first interaction? If they weren’t able to take your call, did they call you back within a reasonable amount of time and answer all of your questions?  Did they have questions for you about how much and what kind of furniture you are planning to have moved? It is worth spending a little extra money to ensure that your move is as stress-free as possible and to have trust in a local company that knows how to move into and out of Tucson as seamlessly as possible.

6. Measure!

Could there be anything worse than making a long distance move only to arrive at your new home and realize that your furniture will not fit?  It is so important to measure your furniture and to know the dimensions of your new home! Some other helpful information to pass along to your moving company is if there are any tricky staircases, perhaps spiral, that they will have to contend with.  Also, for larger pieces of furniture, it is worth noting if the larger pieces can be disassembled into smaller pieces for an easier move.

7. Label your moving boxes by room

When you arrive at your new home, you will want to have your boxes labeled by room so that the movers can bring your boxes into the appropriate rooms, thereby alleviating you the task of having to move a bunch of boxes around or simply not knowing where items may be found.  Using colored packing tape can often be helpful when moving as a quick way to sort boxes.

8. Move during the offseason

While it may not always be possible, if you have the ability to move during the offseason, which tends to be during the winter months, not only will there likely be more availability, but often times, moving companies will have some sort of discount promotion available.  Moving during the offseason is also a great way to avoid moving during extreme weather conditions.

9. Be aware of any moving restrictions

It is important to know the area that you are moving to.  A way to make a long distance move a little smoother is to know if your new home has adequate space for a moving truck to pull up close, or say if there is no elevator and the movers will have to carry your furniture up several staircases.  Knowing these seemingly small details will let your moving company prepare. If you are making a long distance move to Tucson, the benefit of hiring a local company is that they will be familiar with the area and be able to help guide you through your planning process and advise you when necessary.

10. “Open First” Box

There will be times when moving that you may arrive ahead of the moving truck.  It is important that you make an “Open First” box with all of your essentials. I recommend having a suitcase with enough clothes to get you through a week, but then in your “Open First” box you should have things like toiletries, some silverware, cups and plates, as well as blankets or bedding, perhaps even a blow up mattress.  While you may not necessarily need these items if you plan on arriving the same day as the truck, it is always nice to know that you will not have to open five boxes just to find a cup.

Despite the heat, most people move during the summer.

Tips for Moving During the Peak Summer Season From Local Tucson Movers

Local Movers in Tucson know summertime as “peak moving” season. From the beginning of Spring to the end of September more than 65% of home relocations occur, making the summer season the mover’s equivalent of Black Friday. This means getting ahead of the crowd to snag your ideal local Tucson moving date is critical, especially when moving those pianos!

Here are a few tips for a successful move this summer.

1. Plan Ahead and Stay Organized

They say that the early bird catches the worm, and that’s true with booking movers in Tucson, Arizona (AZ) during peak season. There are plenty of Tucson Moving Companies around which makes it challenging to find Local Tucson Movers on short notice to move that heavy piano. If you want to beat the crowd, make sure you plan out your Tucson move as far ahead as possible; you’ll end up with a greater variety of date and time options.

Make a moving timeline and checklist to help keep organized. If you plan far enough ahead, you’ll have the bonus of packing at your leisure before your Local Tucson Movers arrive.

2. Book Your Local Tucson Moving Service Early

This point goes with planning ahead, but make sure to book your move as soon as possible. Holidays and weekends are the most sought after local Tucson moving dates, so make sure to get your reservation in early if your move date falls on one of these. Tucson Moving companies work on a first come first serve basis so calling early is key.

Keep in mind that road traffic is at its worst on holidays, so it might be beneficial to avoid these in-demand times just to avoid the headache of traffic jams.

3. Leave Room for Flexibility

No matter how much work you put into your preparations, something can still go wrong. The best-made plans often go off course, so try and work some wiggle room into your plans to increase your flexibility.  Make sure to plan with extra time to get the piano out of the house!

Make sure to have a plan B in place, on the off chance that something goes wrong with the Local Tucson Move.

Professional Moving in Tucson, Arizona – Available this Summer

As you prepare for your local Tucson move, you can count on Zooz Moving, Tucson’s trusted packing and moving service. Zooz prides themselves on their careful handling of clients belongings; from small objects like a toaster, to larger objects like a Grand Piano. To book your next move, or to receive a free estimate on our packing and moving services, call Zooz today: 520-447-0900.


Tips for Moving back to Tucson for the Holidays

Schools across the country are closing their doors for a much-needed holiday break.  The kids are home causing chaos (if only they played the classical piano!), and you need to get things settled.

What does this mean for you? Do you need to hire Local Tucson Movers? Which Tucson Moving Company is right for me? Is there a Tucson moving company that is reasonably priced around?

Whether you live in a dorm or an apartment, there’s a good chance that you’ll be (temporarily) moving back home.
Here are some tips to get you started on moving out once finals are, well, final from professional movers in Tucson, Arizona.

Declutter your Place

Where should you begin? Here’s an opportunity to clear out some of the clutter that you’ve accumulated over the semester.

Most companies, though especially Tucson Moving Companies, say to pack a box of nonessentials. Fill it with things that you have been neglecting: summer clothes and other stuff that you haven’t used this semester.
If you’re traveling a long distance, it’s a smart idea to ship them ahead of you, instead of taking them along for the ride. Doing so will leave you with extra space for winter and spring clothes. You’ll be able to start the new year and semester right: with extra room and no clutter.

Pack the Essentials

Local Tucson movers agree, to pack everything you’re going to need over the 3 to 4-week break. You don’t need to bring everything with you. You can leave a large part of your wardrobe at home (unless your entire wardrobe consists of six t-shirts and a pair of jeans).

When packing, consider the weather. Local Tucson movers and Tucson moving company works won’t need a winter jacket! Remember, states like Iowa or Maine won’t be as warm as Tucson, Arizona! Make sure that you’re aware of the holiday plans. Are you going to a nice restaurant? Will you need to bring something formal? Find out ahead of time so that you, or your hired local Tucson movers, can pack accordingly.

If you’re going back to your parents’ house, you likely left some things behind. Take this into account while packing for your move back to Tucson, Arizona. If this is the case, you probably won’t need to pack as many pajamas.

Prep Your Dorm or Apartment

If you’re going to be relaxing over the break, you don’t want to worry about how you left your dorm. Turn off all lights and unplug all your electronics.
Some schools cut power to the dorms to save on costs, so empty that fridge of perishables. Dispose of all trash and empty your bins.

Once your dorm is ready, you can relax with the knowledge that there won’t be any surprises when you return.

Heading Home for the Holidays? Relax and Let Zooz Do the Work

Heading home for the holidays? If you’re, like many college students, preparing to make the trek home for the holiday season, leave the hassle of packing and moving to the professionals at Zooz Moving.

For years, our team of professional and local Tucson movers have helped local and long distance college students get to where they need to be. From home, to campus and back again, trust the Zooz Moving team to get the job done right.

As you prepare for your local Tucson move, you can count on Zooz Moving, Tucson’s trusted packing and moving service. Zooz prides themselves on their careful handling of clients belongings; from small objects like a toaster, to larger objects like a Grand Piano. To book your next move, or to receive a free estimate on our packing and moving services, call Zooz today: 520-447-0900.


3 Tips for Moving During the Holidays

While most people are busy unpacking last year’s Holiday decorations, you may be preparing for a much less exciting task- packing for a local or long distance move in Tucson, Arizona. Whether you are relocating down the block or across the country, moving the holidays can be a drag.  Which Tucson moving company can you trust?

This month, the Tucson moving company experts at Zooz moving bring you three ways to make your upcoming holiday move a huge success.

1. Start Looking as Soon as Possible

Feel like you have the weight of a piano in your chest?  Are you nervously looking for Tucson local movers?  Start your search for a reliable and local moving company in Tucson as soon as you know you will be moving.

This tip applies to all moves, but even more so for local Tucson moves occurring during the end of the year. (End of the year moves can prove to be the most challenging times to book a local Tucson moving Company.  While the holiday season isn’t exactly “peak moving season,” it can still be hard to find a local moving company, based in Tucson, that is available during the holiday months.

If you are planning on moving yourself instead of hiring local movers in Tucson, keep in mind that traffic will likely be heavier than usual, as many people travel to be with their families during this time.  If you wish to be one of those people, perhaps take a look at local Tucson movers, or a Tucson moving company, in your area.

2. Book with Your Budget in Mind

The holidays are the happiest (and most expensive) time of the year. According to the National Retail Federation, the average American plans to spend an average of $936 during the holiday season. That is enough to buy a nice piano! Consider all of the gifts, food, and travel expenses that you will incur in the following months, and make sure to stay within your budget.

There are plenty of simple ways to save while moving. For starters, you may want to consider obtaining free boxes from local grocery stores or restaurants and reusing your old newspapers, magazines, and sheets as packing materials.

If you are hiring a professional moving company (especially in Tucson), try to book your move in the middle of the week, rather than on the weekend.

3. Get in the Holiday Spirit

While you may find yourself surrounded by moving boxes instead of shiny Christmas ornaments, there are still plenty of ways to get in the holiday spirit.

Bringing our no-longer-needed items to local donation centers is the perfect way to give back to your community during the holiday season. Not only will this make you feel warm inside, but will help you downsize your home in preparation for your upcoming move. Don’t forget to ask the non-profit organization for a receipt so that you can deduct these charitable donations next year!

Professional Local and Long Distance Movers in Tucson, Arizona

We get it. Moving during the holidays is no fun. No one wants to move the piano by themselves.  Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone.

Contact the moving professionals at Zooz Moving, the premier movers in Tucson, today and book your holiday move with us before it’s too late. The Zooz local Tucson moving team can help you pack, move, and unpack your home or office just in time for the holidays. Whether you are moving across the street, or across the country, your expert Tucson movers at Zooz Moving are here to help.

As you prepare for your local (or non-local) Tucson move, you can count on Zooz Moving in Tucson.  They are one of the most trusted Tucson moving and packing companies. Zooz prides themselves on their careful handling of clients belongings; from small objects like a toaster, to larger objects like a Grand Piano. To book your next move, or to receive a free estimate on our packing and local moving services in Tucson, call Zooz today: 520-447-0900.

5 Costly Mistakes to Avoid on Moving Day

packing and movingAre you sweating drops the size of pianos? You’ve found a new place, closed the deal, and now you’re getting ready for the local Tucson move… finally!  Aside from starting your search for local movers in Tucson, many people do not know the next steps.

Your friends are all giving you their two cents on what to do, and how to carry that family piano. Everyone has advice on what makes a successful move, but no one mentions the crucial moving mistakes many new homeowners tend to overlook. Tucson moving companies state to save you some time and money, check out these common moving mistakes to avoid given to us by expert local movers in Tucson.

Mistake #1: Forgetting a Survival Kit

Tucson moving companies agree that there’s nothing paranoid about preparedness. Oscar Wilde once said that you should always expect the unexpected.

Before the decided local Tucson moving day, stash away a “survival kit” in case of emergency. Forget the piano, you will need to fill it with- clothes, towels, toiletries and important documents. And don’t forget plenty of snacks!

Mistake #2: Moving During Rush Hour

Time is money and you don’t want to pay an hourly fee for the time spent sitting in gridlock. Prepare yourself for traffic on the way to your new home. If possible, avoid moving during peak traffic times. If you can’t, try to plan an alternate route avoids congested main streets.

Mistake #3: Moving Unwanted Stuff

You’ve likely gathered a vast collection of things that you no longer need or want. Remember to lighten your load and declutter before the big move with your local Tucson Movers.

Don’t pay to move things that you don’t need! Less clutter will mean that the local or long distance move is easier on you and your movers in Tucson, Arizona (AZ).

Consider donating your gently-used items or recycle any unwanted junk, says most Tucson local movers. Better yet, throw a moving sale! You might be surprised to find out just how much money you can make by selling your old, no-longer-needed items in preparation for moving day with the hired Tucson moving company.

Mistake #4: Packing Non-Movables

Not everything can join you on your local Tucson move. Most Tucson moving companies agree that these “non-movable” items are generally hazardous and most professional Tucson movers won’t touch them. You should dispose of them before the moving truck rolls up. Tucson moving companies state that chemicals, flammables, and perishable items are some of the biggest hazards that people don’t think about.

Mistake #5: Forgetting to Back Up Your Computer

Remember to back up your computer so that you don’t lose valuable data. In the event of an accident, you’ll wish you had backed up your data beforehand. Movers in Tucson, Arizona agree that it never hurts to be prepared!

Zooz Moving: Your Trusted Tucson Movers

The last mistake to avoid? Moving without the help of a professional!

Zooz Moving will take care of most of the difficulty of moving so that you won’t have to worry about it. For professional local and long distance packing and moving services, trust Zooz Moving, the premier Tucson moving company, to get the job done right. Zooz prides themselves on their careful handling of clients belongings; from small objects like a toaster, to larger objects like a Grand Piano. To learn more about what Zooz Moving can do to make moving day a breeze, call us today at (520) 447-0900 and receive a free, no-obligation estimate.

Tucson Moving Resources for New Movers

moving in tucson, arizonaWhen it comes to residential moving, new movers (whether they are local or long-distance Tucson movers) should be prepared for what to expect from their new surroundings. Most Tucson moving companies and local movers in Tucson agree, by familiarizing yourself ahead of time, you’ll find it that much easier to adjust to your new home come moving day.

This month, Zooz Moving gathered a few helpful resources you’ll need for a local or long distance move to Tucson, Arizona. As you prepare to pack for the big day, consider these tips for a smooth move from start to finish.

The Official Website for the City of Tucson

Tucson’s official website provides links to the city government agencies, public services, health and safety, business, education, transportation, neighborhood resources, and information on any local government news and politics.

Better yet, the platform provides resources for utilities and payment plans to make moving day a breeze.  With such great amenities available, it opens up time to think about other important matters like “How is this piano going to manage to squeeze through the front door?”.

Attraction and Event Listings in Tucson

Ready to explore Tucson? Let Zooz, your local Tucson movers, worry about that piano and view the official Visit Tucson website.  The website features citywide attractions and events for new movers and local movers in Tucson alike.

From hiking tours on Mt. Lemmon, date night or nightlife ventures, farmer’s markets, to a full calendar of local happenings, we guarantee the city of Tucson has something you’ll love.

Local and Breaking Tucson News

Stay up to date on breaking local news in Tucson! provides local and national news with a focus on sports, opinion, food, home, and travel. Any relevant Tucson news will be posted on their website for easy access.
moving in tucson, arizona

Tucson Unified School District

Tucson’s official school district website is an important resource for parents moving with children.

Here, you’ll find a district map of local schools and important statistics that will help you choose the right school suited for you and your children’s needs. Enrolling guidelines and requirements are also listed so you’ll be prepared for the start of a new school year.

Teaching professionals can also find employment listings on the website’s district career searching tool, found here.

The Essential Moving Resource: Hire Professionals

Now that you’ve become more familiar with Tucson, call the professionals at Zooz Moving! From local and long distance home and office moving to full-service packing solutions and more, our team of experts is guaranteed to make your move easy.

As you prepare for your local Tucson move, you can count on Zooz Moving, Tucson’s trusted packing and moving service. Zooz prides themselves on their careful handling of clients belongings; from small objects like a toaster, to larger objects like a Grand Piano. To book your next move, or to receive a free estimate on our packing and moving services, call Zooz today at 520-447-0900.

The Essential Moving Day Checklist

As local Tucson moving day looms ahead, consider what items you’ll need most. It can be easy to overlook the obvious things, so we’ve compiled a list of essential items that you’ll want to keep on hand for the local Tucson moving day.

Important Documents

Prevent the loss of important personal documentation by keeping them on your person.

Keep these documents on hand:

• Your moving inventory list.
• Relocation documents.
• Lease agreement (for rented properties).
• If you’re moving out of state (and aren’t driving), make sure to keep your travel documents and tickets on hand.

Another thing to consider: Keep important phone numbers written down. Don’t just save them to your phone, as your device may run out of juice over the course of the move. You never know when you’ll need them.

Packing Supplies

You’ve already packed for the movers in Tucson, Arizona. You have boxes stacked up to the ceiling. So why should you keep more packing supplies on hand?

Last minute packing situations are fairly common. You may have overlooked an item or have reconsidered leaving something behind. Perhaps a box is too heavy and needs to be split amongst two or three boxes; or perhaps you have an item that cannot be put into a box, like a piano.

Avoiding rushing off to the store for more packing supplies and keep spare boxes, packing tape, and bubble wrap on hand for the move in Tucson, Arizona.


You’ll need a reliable and constant means of communication. You just can’t survive the move without it. Make sure to keep your phone charged. If you have a tablet or laptop that you might need, charge that as well. Keep all chargers ready, as well as extra batteries and power strips if possible.

Remember to take photos to document condition of things before the move. Take pictures of wiring so you can easily reconnect your appliances and devices in your new home.

Food and Snacks

You may find that you’re swamped with things to do on the day you hired a Tucson moving company. As busy as you’re likely to be, you need to keep your energy levels up! Make time to grab a bite so you don’t get hungry. Keep sandwiches, protein bars, or other portable foods on hand. This will keep the local and non-local Tucson moving machine running.

Papers plates and disposable utensils are the most practical choice. You don’t want to have to divert attention from the move to clean the dishes.

Cleaning Products

You may find, once your items have been removed and loaded onto the Tuscon moving company truck, that the house is a mess. It would be poor form to leave this clutter behind, especially if you’re trying to sell or collect a security deposit.

Keep some cleaning supplies handy to restore the condition of the old home.

• A broom or mop.
• Wet wipes.
• Paper towels.
• All-purpose cleaner
• Trash bags.

The Essential Moving Professionals

The last thing on your checklist: our team of professional movers. Zooz, the preferred local movers in Tucson, will take care of most of the difficulty of moving so that you won’t have to worry about it. Zooz prides themselves on their careful handling of clients belongings; from small objects like a toaster, to larger objects like a Grand Piano. To learn more about what Zooz Moving can do to make moving day a breeze, call us today at (520) 447-0900 for a no-obligation estimate!

8 Tips to Help Prepare for Moving Day

Moving is an experience that has no shortage of difficulties, which experienced local Tucson movers can confirm. Even with a full service Tucson local mover, there are some things that you can do to speed up the moving process. There are some things that you’ll need to have ready before the moving truck is loaded by your movers in Tucson, Arizona.

Preparing well in advance of a move will save yourself time and headaches. Here are 8 tips to help you prepare for moving day.

Tip #1: Purge and Declutter

It’s easy to forget exactly how much stuff you have when it’s all stowed away in closets. Moving in Tucson, Arizona forces you to come to terms with exactly how much you have accumulated. The less you have to move, the less stress you’ll have to deal with.

Don’t need it? Don’t bring it with you. You can always sell or donate unwanted items.

Tip #2: Make a Plan for the Kids

If possible, it is best to send kids off to visit a relative or trusted friend during the move. This keeps them out of harm’s way, not to mention the mover’s way.

Tip #3: Know What Movers Won’t Take

Local movers in Tucson won’t take everything.  The movers in Tucson, Arizona are no exception. Most professional movers have a list of items that they won’t or can’t move. These items tend to be hazardous or difficult to move.

Make sure to use these items up or dispose of them before leaving.

Tip #4: Create an Inventory List

You should create a detailed list of all the items that will be traveling to your new home. It will be extremely useful when organizing your belongings. This inventory list should keep track of the contents of each box.

Tip #5: Label Everything

This goes hand in hand with your inventory list. Your master inventory list should reflect what goes in each box. Make sure that your boxes are all labeled so that you can identify which box is which.

Tip #6: Measure Doors and Furniture

Measure your large furniture and determine whether they’ll fit through your doors. Plan out exactly how these large items will leave your house and make sure the path is free of any obstacles for your Local Tucson Movers.

Don’t wait until the moving truck rolls up to your house to think up a plan.

Tip #7: Stay Positive

A positive attitude goes a long way toward ensuring that your move goes smoothly. Kill the stress with a light hearted laugh every now and then.

Tip #8: Double Check Everything

Before the Tucson moving company truck arrives, go through your house and double check to make sure that everything is as it should be. Diligence is the mother of good fortune.

Once you’ve prepared, let Zooz handle the rest.

Zooz Moving will take care of most of the difficulty of moving so that you won’t have to worry about it. Zooz prides themselves on their careful handling of clients belongings; from small objects like a toaster, to larger objects like a Grand Piano. To learn more about what Zooz Moving can do to make moving day a breeze, call us today at (520) 447-0900 for a no-obligation estimate!

5 Places to Sell Your Old Things Before You Move

Packing for a local Tucson move inevitably makes us question two things: “Why do I have so much stuff, and do I really need it all?”

Moving in Tucson is actually a great time to ask yourself this, and if you plan far enough ahead, a great time to get rid of stuff you don’t need. After all, why go through the effort of packing something only to get rid of it later?  It only takes up Tucson Moving Companies space in their truck and their time.  With that in mind, here are five places you can get rid of your stuff and make extra money:

1. Return It

Granted, most of the items you want to get rid of will be too old to return, but it never hurts to make sure. Tucson local movers agree that oftentimes receipts stay crumpled up in a corner or on a desk longer than we realize, and returning is by far the fastest, simplest, and most economical way of getting rid of items you don’t want anymore.

moving preparation

2. Try Amazon

For items that are relatively small and still in fairly good condition, selling them on Amazon is an excellent option. They’ll fetch a little more than they would on other sites, and when you’re moving every cent is valuable. Just be sure to carve yourself out a little time, as listings on Amazon can take a little longer to sell then on other sites.

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3. Use Ebay

Ebay is a good option if you’re uncertain about the quality of what you’re trying to get rid of. It’s no longer as easy as it used to be to make a killing on Ebay, but it’s still a strong option for getting a little something out of what you’re getting rid of.

4. Why Not Craigslist?

The edge Craigslist has over other websites is how informal and local it is. For example, unlike Amazon and Ebay, listing furniture is easy on Craigslist, and often buyers will come and pick up what they’ve bought themselves.

5. Host a Garage Sale

The old standby of moving throughout the centuries. Garage sales won’t ever get you the most bang for your buck, but they’re quick and effective at getting things you don’t want off your hands and replacing them with some hard cash in your wallet.

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