8 Tips to Help Prepare for Moving Day

Moving is an experience that has no shortage of difficulties, which experienced local Tucson movers can confirm. Even with a full service Tucson local mover, there are some things that you can do to speed up the moving process. There are some things that you’ll need to have ready before the moving truck is loaded by your movers in Tucson, Arizona.

Preparing well in advance of a move will save yourself time and headaches. Here are 8 tips to help you prepare for moving day.

Tip #1: Purge and Declutter

It’s easy to forget exactly how much stuff you have when it’s all stowed away in closets. Moving in Tucson, Arizona forces you to come to terms with exactly how much you have accumulated. The less you have to move, the less stress you’ll have to deal with.

Don’t need it? Don’t bring it with you. You can always sell or donate unwanted items.

Tip #2: Make a Plan for the Kids

If possible, it is best to send kids off to visit a relative or trusted friend during the move. This keeps them out of harm’s way, not to mention the mover’s way.

Tip #3: Know What Movers Won’t Take

Local movers in Tucson won’t take everything.  The movers in Tucson, Arizona are no exception. Most professional movers have a list of items that they won’t or can’t move. These items tend to be hazardous or difficult to move.

Make sure to use these items up or dispose of them before leaving.

Tip #4: Create an Inventory List

You should create a detailed list of all the items that will be traveling to your new home. It will be extremely useful when organizing your belongings. This inventory list should keep track of the contents of each box.

Tip #5: Label Everything

This goes hand in hand with your inventory list. Your master inventory list should reflect what goes in each box. Make sure that your boxes are all labeled so that you can identify which box is which.

Tip #6: Measure Doors and Furniture

Measure your large furniture and determine whether they’ll fit through your doors. Plan out exactly how these large items will leave your house and make sure the path is free of any obstacles for your Local Tucson Movers.

Don’t wait until the moving truck rolls up to your house to think up a plan.

Tip #7: Stay Positive

A positive attitude goes a long way toward ensuring that your move goes smoothly. Kill the stress with a light hearted laugh every now and then.

Tip #8: Double Check Everything

Before the Tucson moving company truck arrives, go through your house and double check to make sure that everything is as it should be. Diligence is the mother of good fortune.

Once you’ve prepared, let Zooz handle the rest.

Zooz Moving will take care of most of the difficulty of moving so that you won’t have to worry about it. Zooz prides themselves on their careful handling of clients belongings; from small objects like a toaster, to larger objects like a Grand Piano. To learn more about what Zooz Moving can do to make moving day a breeze, call us today at (520) 447-0900 for a no-obligation estimate!

5 Places to Sell Your Old Things Before You Move

Packing for a local Tucson move inevitably makes us question two things: “Why do I have so much stuff, and do I really need it all?”

Moving in Tucson is actually a great time to ask yourself this, and if you plan far enough ahead, a great time to get rid of stuff you don’t need. After all, why go through the effort of packing something only to get rid of it later?  It only takes up Tucson Moving Companies space in their truck and their time.  With that in mind, here are five places you can get rid of your stuff and make extra money:

1. Return It

Granted, most of the items you want to get rid of will be too old to return, but it never hurts to make sure. Tucson local movers agree that oftentimes receipts stay crumpled up in a corner or on a desk longer than we realize, and returning is by far the fastest, simplest, and most economical way of getting rid of items you don’t want anymore.

moving preparation

2. Try Amazon

For items that are relatively small and still in fairly good condition, selling them on Amazon is an excellent option. They’ll fetch a little more than they would on other sites, and when you’re moving every cent is valuable. Just be sure to carve yourself out a little time, as listings on Amazon can take a little longer to sell then on other sites.

online shopping

3. Use Ebay

Ebay is a good option if you’re uncertain about the quality of what you’re trying to get rid of. It’s no longer as easy as it used to be to make a killing on Ebay, but it’s still a strong option for getting a little something out of what you’re getting rid of.

4. Why Not Craigslist?

The edge Craigslist has over other websites is how informal and local it is. For example, unlike Amazon and Ebay, listing furniture is easy on Craigslist, and often buyers will come and pick up what they’ve bought themselves.

5. Host a Garage Sale

The old standby of moving throughout the centuries. Garage sales won’t ever get you the most bang for your buck, but they’re quick and effective at getting things you don’t want off your hands and replacing them with some hard cash in your wallet.

Call the Professionals at Zooz Moving

After you’ve gotten rid of as much as you can, why not have the rest of your move made easy? Here at Zooz Moving, the most professional moving service in Tucson, we’re committed to helping you achieve a safe and stress-free move. Zooz prides themselves as a professional Tucson moving company and on their careful handling of clients belongings; from small objects like a toaster, to larger objects like a Grand Piano. Give us a call at (520) 447-0900 and see how we can help you move!

The Zooz Moving Guide to Labeling Like a Champ

moving box labelsFew things in life have as bad a reputation as moving. If you walk onto the street and ask the first Joe that you see to describe the moving process, the word “stressful” will more than likely come up. More often than not, this stress is caused by disorganization and unpreparedness.

These stressors are can be solved by hiring local movers in Tucson. Though hiring a Tucson moving company may not be for everyone; like people who are interested in moving their own pianos.

Tucson local movers know that moving doesn’t have to be the stressful exercise that you’ve probably made it out to be. The key to a smooth and efficient move is organization, and the best way to organize your house move is to implement an intuitive labeling system. Follow these easy tips to become a labeling champion!

Choose Your Tools Wisely!

A poor craftsman may blame his tools, but that doesn’t mean that the tools used aren’t important. If you’re going to be a Master Labeler, you’ll want to choose the best tools and use them effectively.


A staple item of movers everywhere, though especially for movers in Tucson, Arizona. You’ll want at least a set of two markers to label your various boxes. This may seem fairly obvious, but it can be easy to overlook the little things. With that in mind, here’s some qualities to consider when choosing a marker:

Top Quality:

During an expensive move, it may be tempting to skimp on the little things and buy the cheapest markers within reach. Avoid the temptation of buying cheap markers and go for a quality brand that you can trust to withstand the move. Top quality writing tools will outlast the move, allowing you to use them around the house long after the last box is unpacked.


If you have the idea of utilizing a color coded system, purchase several colors to take advantage of a color coded labeling system. Ideally, you’ll want a different color for each room if possible. At the very least, you’ll want a red marker to label fragile and breakable items.

Archival and Permanent:

It’s a simple fact of life that you just can’t predict the weather. With that fact in mind, you’ll definitely want something that can withstand heat and rain equally well. Look for a marker with archival ink if possible. This type of ink is designed to last for a long, long time and wheather any wheather.


Whether printed or store-bought, labels are a lifesaver. They generally have the names of different rooms already listed, so just fill out the contents. Some even have check-marks, saving you the trouble of writing. You can always design your own labels to add your creative touch!

Colored Tape

Sure, you already have rolls upon rolls of clear packing tape (and if you don’t, you should), but you can use colored tape to take your color code system to the next level. You’ll want tape that matches your color coded system to spot which boxes belong where at a glance.

label moving boxes

The Glory of Color Codes

While entirely optional, a color code system can add an extra layer of organization and eliminate extra questions and stress.

The concept is pretty simple. You choose one color for each room and mark each box that is bound for that room with that same color.

Let’s say, for example, that you choose to use the color purple to indicate boxes that belong in your home office. You’ll want to use a purple marker on each box that you’d like to end up in the office. You could write the word “Office” in purple ink so that whoever handles the box will know where it belongs. Once this is done, repeat with any boxes that are bound for the office. Now, choose another color and room combination and repeat the process until every box is marked!

If you bought colored tape, now is the time to use it! This will allow you to identify a box’s destination at a glance, saving time and improving efficiency.

Number Systems, The Old Standby

Numbers don’t lie. If colors aren’t your thing, you can always go with the old standby: a numeric based system. This can also be used with a color code system for an even more effective move.

The idea is to assign each box a number. Once this is done, create an inventory list and record that number, along with a corresponding list of that box’s contents. For example, we can fill a box with bathroom supplies and label it with a number one( #1) as well as the word “Bathroom” to indicate where it should go. The inventory list will tell you exactly what kind of items are in the box in question.
A good number system will save you from having to write out the contents of the box on each visible side. Just write the number in large, legible print and move on!

Make sure not to lose the inventory list or the whole system will fall apart. Just remember to make copies in case you something happens to the original list. Save a digital copy on your phone or email it to yourself as an extra precaution.

Labeling Like a Pro

Labeling moving boxes is an extremely personal process that boils down to your own preferences. As such, there’s no hard rules that are set in stone. That being said, here are some guidelines that have proven effective in the past:

Choose whichever system works best for you. Make sure to mark the top and at least two sides of each box. Any writing should be visible on at least one side if boxes are stacked. Time is of the essence and shouldn’t be wasted needlessly by shuffling boxes around to see what the contents are.

You’ll want to cover labels with clear packing tape to protect them from rain. This has the added benefit of preventing them from falling off during transit. Failing that, glue is a suitable, albeit not ideal, back up.

If you have a box of fragile keepsakes or collectibles, mark the box as such so that extra care is taken. Write the words “FRAGILE” or “HANDLE WITH CARE” legibly with red or black letters on each side to alert the carrier, your trusted local Tucson movers, to the delicate nature of the box’s contents.

Label the box as soon as it’s packed so that you don’t forget what’s in it. Mark contents, destination, and any special handling requirements .

If you’re using second hand boxes, check to see if there are conflicting marks. Did someone use them to move? Is there a big #2 on each side from the previous owner? Make sure to cover any old markings with your own labels to avoid confusion. If not possible, make due by covering them with colored tape or sheets of paper. You don’t want your bedroom items to be placed in the kitchen if you can avoid it.

Full-Service Packing and Moving Solutions by Zooz Moving

If you follow these tips, you’ll be well on your way to a smooth and efficient moving experience. Contact the Zooz Moving team today and receive a free, no-obligation estimate on our full-service packing and moving soltuions. They pride themselves on their careful handling of clients belongings; from small objects like the blender, to larger objects like a Grand Piano. For a five-star moving experience in and around the Tucson, Arizona region, trust Zooz Moving to get the job done right!

Moving: What Not to Pack

Moving Tips

If you are thinking of hiring a Tucson moving company to transport your items, it is important to ask about non-allowable, or non-transportable items. Many times, local movers in Tucson will limit the items that you can bring on the moving truck in order to prevent danger or liability.

Non-allowable items typically include hazardous items like ammunition and gasoline, perishable items like food and plants, and will often include high-value items as well. Before you pack away all of your belongings, make sure you have a plan in place for all of your non-transferable items.

Hazardous Items

While it is a no-brainer that items such as ammunition and propane are hazardous to humans, some items like nail polish and household batteries may seem innocuous to most people. It is still best to make sure what items your Tucson moving company allows.

Before you start packing up for your next move, be sure to separate any of the following items and properly dispose of them. If you’re not sure how, contact your local hazardous waste organization for more information.

• Aerosol cans
• Ammonia/Bleach
• Batteries
• Children’s chemistry sets
• Matches
• Flammable items
• Nail polish/nail polish remover
• Fire extinguishers
• Alcohol
• Propane
• Paints
• Firearms and ammunition
• Fertilizers and pesticides

Perishable Items

Although not dangerous, you will usually find food items and plants on Tucson moving companies’ non-allowable lists. Ever wondered why?

Local Tucson Movers, and all across the country, state that food items and plants can cause spills and attract unwanted bugs and rodents. We recommend giving any unwanted food items away to family or friends. Another great option is to contact your community food pantry or non-for-profit organization and schedule a donation drop-off.

• Frozen/refrigerated foods
• Produce
• Open food items
• Plants

Heat-Sensitive Items

It should come as no surprise that the Arizona heat can pose some potential challenges, especially during the summer months.  Local Tucson movers are well aware of this fact.

The truth is that some items simply won’t survive the move in a hot moving truck and should be moved or packed cautiously using special materials to avoid damage.

We recommend taking extra care when packing the items listed below or ask your moving company to provide you with the proper materials to transport these items to your new home safely.

• Computers/Computer equipment
• Instruments
• CDs
• Record albums
• Cassette tapes

High-Value or Sentimental Items

Professional movers in Tucson, and across the globe, do not typically like to transport items that hold high-value because of the possibility of loss or damage.

If there is any item that holds extraordinary monetary or sentimental value, it is probably a good idea to make special arrangements or move it in your personal vehicle. Some people even choose to place items like expensive jewelry or family heirlooms in safety deposit boxes during the move.

• Photo albums
• Medical records
• Important documents
• Medications
• Important documents
• Stocks, bonds, and securities
• Currency
• Jewelry

Planning Your Upcoming Move? Choose Zooz Moving!

At Zooz Moving, we are always keeping your best interest and safety in mind during a move. We pride ourselves on our meticulous handling of the clients belongings; from small objects like a toaster, to larger objects like a Grand Piano. If you are looking for a professional moving company in Tucson, AZ, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (520) 447-0900 today!

4 Moving Safety Tips

MovingPacking and moving can be a physically taxing activity, especially when you’re going at it alone. From minor injuries, broken bones, to damaged property, there are several risks to consider when choosing to move on you own. Check out these four helpful safety tips to avoid injury at every stage of your local or long distance move.

1. Avoid the Heat

Here in Tucson, the summer heat can be utterly brutal. While a more insidious danger than pulling your back or dropping a box on your foot, it’s important that you consider the effects of sun exposure and dehydration.

It’s best to avoid the heat of midday entirely by taking an hour or two break, but that’s seldom practical. Instead, as most movers in Tucson can agree on, be careful to hydrate regularly and take shorter ten minute breaks to get your strength back before restarting.

Protect Your Back

Unfortunately, back injuries are all too common when it comes to moving as most local Tucson Movers could tell you. Repetitive lifting can take a toll and weaken the back until it suddenly gives out.

There are several ways to protect your back from wrenching. The first is to never pack boxes that way more than 50 pounds. Keeping boxes to a more manageable size decreases the chances of losing control of it while lifting, and lessens strain on the back.

The old saying about lifting with the knees is also valid: keep your spine straight while you lift, and make a conscious effort to use the muscles in your legs.

Keep Clutter Away

It’s hard to be neat and clean when you’re in the middle of moving, but leaving toys and knick-knacks on the floor is an easy way to trip and fall. The cluttered mess can also make it hard for your local Tucson movers to get through. Make room for a walking area in and around your home to avoid potential hazards. Always clean up after yourself and keep clutter to a minimum while you pack and transport your boxes and furniture.

Pets and small children also have a habit of getting underfoot at the most inopportune of times. Play pens and closed room doors are perfect for keeping them occupied and happy until you’re finished packing.

Don’t Do It Alone

There are some pieces of furniture that are going to be just too large and heavy for you to manage on your own. More than just helping with larger items, having someone help you move also lessens the impact of repeated loading and unloading boxes.

Keep Your Move Safe and Sound with Professional Tucson Movers

Here at Zooz Moving, our movers are professionally trained and ready to help with all of your local and long distance moving needs. We offer full-service packing and moving solutions to assist with every stage of your move. No matter what you need moved, whether it be a large piano or a small lamp, we can help you get it done quickly and safely.

Discover all the difference hiring a professional and local Tucson mover can make. To get started on your stress-free home or office move, count on Zooz Moving. For more information, contact us today at (520) 447-0900.

3 Tips on How to Move with a Pet

Pet Moving

How to Move with a Pet: Moving with Your Furry Friends Doesn’t Have to Be a Hassle

There’s no shortage of stress during a move. Just like we often get really anxious during the moving process, so do our pets.

When it comes to moving, pet owners have to worry about travelling, possibly long distances, with their pet, as well as introducing them to a new environment.

Even if the most fearful of pets can deal with moving to another home safely with just a little extra care. Here are some tips on how to move with a pet.

1. Schedule a Visit with the Vet

Schedule a full check-up for your pet so that you’re sure that they’ll be fine while you’re travelling to your new home, especially if you’re travelling by plane.

It’s also a good idea to get any vet and vaccination records your pet may have. Also, find out if your pet needs any shots in the near future, because it may take you a while to find a new vet that you and your pet trust.

Finally, if you plan on travelling via plane, find out if your airline requires a certificate of health from your vet. If you think your pet may get scared or aggressive at the airport or on the plane ask your vet for mild sedatives to keep your pet calm.

2. Make Sure Your Route is Pet-Friendly

No matter which way you’re travelling to your new home, it’s essential to make sure that your pet will be welcome.

If you’re travelling by plane, be sure to pick an airline that allows pets to travel and ask them about their pet policies. Keep in mind that larger pets may have to travel with the cargo, while smaller ones may be allowed to be with you in the cabin.

If you’re travelling by car and plan on staying somewhere overnight, be sure to plan ahead and search for hotels that allow pets. Always leave a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door, because a scared pet may run out of the room when the door is opened.

3. Make Sure Your Pet Feels Loved

Remember, this is a stressful process for your pet, too!

Try to do everything you can to make your pet feel safe. Have them travel with their favorite toy or blanket so that they don’t feel like their environment is completely strange and scary. This is still important after you’re all moved in so that they can get used to their new home.

It’s also a good idea to spend as much time with them as you can. Having someone there that they trust can make the process a little easier.

Finally, keep an eye on your pet’s behavior after moving. Some pets can get so nervous that they won’t eat or drink any water for a while after moving.

Bad behavior can also indicate that your pet is stressed. Instead of punishing them, play with them, give them treats, and spoil them. It’ll remind them that although the transition may be difficult, they’re still very loved.

Choose Zooz Moving for All Your Moving Needs

With or without pets, moving isn’t an easy task. Zooz Moving, the trusted local Tucson movers, can take care of most of the difficulty of moving so that you won’t have to worry about it.

To learn more about what Zooz Moving can do to make moving day a breeze, call us today at (520) 447-0900 for a no-obligation estimate!

2 Pros and Cons of Moving in the Summer

Plan on Moving This Summer?

The summer season is a popular time to plan a move. This makes sense: it gives families the opportunity to adjust to a new neighborhood before school starts, it’s the time when college students are returning to their dorms, and many people use their vacation time during the summer.

If you plan on moving this summer there are a few pros and cons that Zooz, your trusted local Tucson movers, think you should know.

Pro #1: The weather makes moves easier.

One of the reasons why summer is such a popular time to move is that there’s typically less extreme weather during the summer.

With spring there’s heavy rain, winter sometimes brings snow and icy roads, and fall often comes with cold weather.

The heat of the summer usually makes a Tucson move easier, safer, more efficient, and brings less potential damage to your personal possessions due to the weather.

Con #1: Moving prices are higher.

Due to supply and demand, other local Tucson movers’ prices are often raised during the summer because many people are trying to move during this time.

In contrast, moving during the winter is typically cheaper because fewer people are trying to move during this season.

Pro #2: School isn’t interrupted.

If you are trying to move with a family, many parents are concerned about a move affecting their children’s studies.

When moving to Tucson in the summer, not only are kids not missing school, but they also have a chance to get to know their new neighborhood and make new friends.

Con #2: Moving schedules are less flexible.

Again, the popularity of a summer moves creates several disadvantages, one of them being that many movers are booked and have little flexibility.

The best way to combat this is to free up your own schedule a little if you’re able to. This way, you have a better chance of being available during the few times movers have open slots.

Move With Zooz Moving This Summer

Are you still interested in moving this summer now that you’ve weighed out the good and the bad? If so, Zooz Moving can provide you with a personal, peaceful, and efficient moving experience in the Tucson, AZ area.

At Zooz Moving, we specialize in all kinds of moves, including college dorm moves, local and long distance moves, commercial moves, and we can even take care of packing for you. Our local Tucson movers have a wealth of experience in moving small objects, like a book collection, as well as larger objects, like the family piano.

For more information about what Zooz Moving can do for you, call us at (520) 447-0900 today!

Your College Dorm Shopping List

College Moving

Moving Into Your First Dorm

For many college freshmen moving into dorms, it’s their first time living on their own. When you’re not used to being without someone making sure you have everything that you need, it can be difficult to get started on your own.

Zooz, your trusted local Tucson movers, have a few things to remember to bring when you’re moving into your dorm.


This may seem like a no-brainer, but while you’re worried about packing your things and getting to your dorm, sometimes you can forget to bring your deodorant.

Toiletries are usually sold on campus, but at a much higher price. Save yourself the cash and remember to bring all your personal hygiene products.

Cleaning Products

Don’t be the annoying roommate who never cleans up after themselves.

Remember to bring the things you need to clean your dorm, like a broom, dishwashing detergent, and bathroom cleaner, to name a few.

First Aid Kit

You never know what could happen, and you don’t want to be unprepared.

It’s always safe to have bandages and a wound cleaning solution to prevent infection.

Eating Utensils

Sure, eating out of paper plates and plastic forks saves you from having to wash the dishes, but it’s not the most cost-effective option. It’s much cheaper to have your own set of eating utensils.

Laundry Products

Even though you have to share a laundry room, not many people are always going to share their laundry detergent with you.

It’s best to always have your own laundry products, like detergent, fabric softener, and dryer sheets.


For your safety, it’s always best to have a flashlight in case of a power outage.

Storage Bins

Even though you share space with a roommate, after moving into dorms, you might notice that there is little to no room to have all of the things that were in your bedroom back home.

Storage bins are great space savers: you can stack them on top of each other or tuck them under your bed.

Something Comforting

If it’s the first time you’re living far from home, you might get homesick.

It’s normal to miss your hometown friends, your mother’s cooking, and the comfort of your childhood room.

Remember to pack something that reminds you of home, even if it’s just a stuffed animal. It can bring you a great deal of comfort.

Zooz Moving Specializes in Moving into Dorms

Moving into your first dorm doesn’t have to be nerve-wracking.

With the proper preparation, the transition to college can be completely smooth and stress-free.

Zooz Moving can help you with all of your moving needs, whether it be local or a long-distance move.  They have a wealth of experience in moving heavy objects, such as pianos, as well as the small objects found around the house.

Ready to get started on preparing for your college move? Call us at (520) 447-0900 or request a free quote with Zooz Moving to see how we can accommodate you with moving to your new dorm.

Safety Tips for Moving into Your First Dorm

Dorm Moving
With fall approaching, incoming college freshman are probably thinking a lot about moving into their first dorm.

While you’re thinking about what you’re going to bring to your dorm, it’s also important to think about how to be best prepared for an emergency while you’re living on campus.

Zooz, the top-notch Tucson moving company, has a few tips on how to secure your safety while living away from home.

Be Prepared for Natural Disasters

Some natural disasters can be predicted, while others can’t. In any case, it’s best to have a plan and special items to help you stay safe.

If you are moving from out-of-state, Arizona occasionally experiences natural disasters that may be different from those that you are familiar with, including dust storms, heat waves, wildfires, extreme winter weather, and landslides, to name a few.

In general, it’s best to have safety items in your dorm, like a flashlight, batteries, water, canned food, a radio, matches, and a fully charged phone in the case of a natural disaster.

Also, if you are sharing a dorm with other people, communicate and agree upon a safety plan, such as emergency exits or a place to reunite after a disaster (if needed). Account for each other and make sure you have each other’s’ cell phone numbers.

If You Have a Roommate Use the Buddy System

You and your roommate accounting for each other as needed is an effective tool for dorm safety.

If it’s 4 a.m. and your roommate who never stays out late isn’t home, just call and check on them. You never know if they may be in a tough situation, and you may be able to help.

And it works both ways — it’s comforting knowing that your roommate is concerned for your safety and that you always have someone who will check on you to be sure you’re okay.

Know What to Do in Case of a Fire

If the fire is small enough to put out, DO NOT USE WATER for grease fires! Use a blanket or baking soda to put out grease fires.

If the fire is too big to handle, or if there’s a fire somewhere else in the building, the best idea is to evacuate and account for any roommates you may have.

Also, try to stay close to the ground to reduce inhalation exposure if there’s a lot of smoke in the air, and check the temperature of each closed door before opening. There may be a fire on the other side.

Make Sure Friends or Family Are Able to Contact You

Whenever there’s an emergency, it’s important for people to be able to contact you, especially if you have family living a bit of a distance from campus.

Your family will be worried about you, and it’s important to for them to know that they are able to check on you or take you to a safer place, if needed.

Zooz Moving Cares About Your Dorm and Your Safety

As you’re thinking of things to make your dorm as safe as possible, Zooz Moving can help you with the process of moving in.

Zooz, apart from being expert local movers in Tucson, specializes in helping students move into their dorms and offers affordable services to accommodate your new “broke college student” status.

If you need moving help, all us today for a free quote at 1-520-447-0900.

Music to Move to: What You Should Know

Moving Tips
Making a move in or out of Tucson, AZ? Even if you get a profession, local Tucson moving company’s help, there’s going to be some work involved.

Without professionals? Tucson local movers can agree that there is still going to be a lot of work involved!

Either way, you might want something that helps you break up both the monotony and the stress. One of the things that can really help you, and most local movers in Tucson, do that is a nice moving music playlist.

To help you come up with that playlist, we’ve come up with three tips. Hope you enjoy!

Your Moving Music Playlist Needs Some Upbeat Songs

Movers in Tucson, Arizona know that moving is hard work, so you will want songs that get you going. Most local Tucson movers would agree, that you don’t need something sad or contemplative — think “Eye of the Tiger,” not “Rolling in the Deep.”  A majority of people, especially local movers, prefer the sounds of heavy acoustics as supposed to peaceful piano.

It’s Hard to Go Wrong with the Classics

This one mainly applies if you have other people involved in the move, especially friends. If you invite someone over to help you move out of your place, you want to try and play some stuff they’ll like, right?

One of the best ways to do that is to go with some classics. It’ll depend on your friends of course — maybe they really like Tibetan chanting or Norwegian Death Metal — but at the end of the day, it’s good to go with pop music or classic rock.

Whatever Songs You Like the Most

Of course, all of this advice doesn’t mean anything if it leads you to choosing music you don’t want to listen to. At the end of the day, you know your taste in music. Figure out what songs you like, put them on your music moving playlist, then go to town on your moving job.

Getting Some Help With The Move

Of course, because moving is such hard work, you might find you need some help. If that’s the case, call Zooz Moving at (520) 447-0900.  They pride themselves on their careful handling of clients belongings; from small objects, like a glassware, to larger objects like a Grand Piano.