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10 Things to Do to Prepare for a Long-Distance Move

  1. Know all of the important dates

It may seem silly, but knowing all of the dates around a long-distance move is very important. You will need to know the day you need to be out of your current home, the day you will be able to get keys to your new home, as well as the date you will be able to move in. This will help you coordinate and stay on track. We recommend printing out a blank calendar page that you can keep with you and write down information for each day as it applies. This is also a great place for you to write down any important numbers such as moving companies, utilities, and anything else that you may need in the process of coordinating your long-distance move.

  1. Central Location for Important Documents

When people are moving, they typically have a filing cabinet where they keep all of their records. Ideally, you will wrap the entire filing cabinet in plastic wrap for transportation, keeping most of their important documents in the filing cabinet itself. The one caveat is that you should keep your most valuable items with you during the process of your move. If you need to go out and buy a folder to hold birth certificates, passports, ID cards, marriage and birth certificates, and anything else that is pertinent, we highly advise that you keep these items on you during your move. Other helpful information to keep on you, would be your service contract with your moving company, a list of any important numbers, and information about your new home including but not limited to how to obtain your new keys and who to call if you have issues doing so.

  1. Utilities

Since we have now established that you need to know the dates you need to be out of your current home and into your new home, it is time to call your utility companies to arrange shut off at your old residence, which we recommend scheduling for a day or two after you need to be out, and then you will want the utilities to be turned on the earliest possible date at your new residence. When you arrive you will want to have power and water available at the very minimum. At the end of your day moving in, one of the things you’re going to want is a hot shower, so make sure you get this scheduled with enough time that you do not have to wait.

  1. Measure

When you buy a new home, you typically receive a home report that gives you all of the measurements for each room in the house and the doorways. On your end, you should go to your home and measure any furniture or electronics to make sure that the moving company has the proper equipment to both wrap and carefully move your large items. These items include but are not limited to refrigerators, entertainment stands, coffee tables, couches, bed frames, and mattresses.

  1. Hire a moving company

When hiring a moving company, it is important that you call at least three but no more than five. Before you make a call it’s helpful to have a good idea of the large items you will need to be transport as well as their measurements, which we have already gone over. When you are speaking to a moving company, first impressions matter, so if something seems off, be polite but move on. Ideally, even if a company you are hiring is not local to you, they will send somebody out to your home to give you an estimate.  We often have people give us a call because they plan on moving to Tucson, Arizona, but they are coming from states away. We can arrange a time to do a video call where you can walk us through your home and we can advise you on what a rough estimate would be.

  1. Declutter

Decluttering your current home is invaluable advice, that many people will give you.  What better time to go through the items in your entire house and throw out anything you don’t need than ahead of a long-distance move?! Keep in mind, most moving estimates are charged by the weight of the load, so the less stuff you have to move, the better the price you will get. When going through your belongings take an inventory of the items you will take and then create two other piles, one for items you plan on donating, and the second, items that you will be throwing away.

  1. Sort valuables into one section

Something helpful to do before movers arrive, is to sort your valuable and fragile items into one section of your home. This way you can easily document the current condition of these items and go over them with a moving company. this will also guarantee that none of your fragile items get overlooked because you have already let a moving company know that these are the important items to you, so they can take extra precautions when packing.

  1. Label Boxes

If you take the time to properly label boxes when you are packing, it will help save you headaches when you arrive at your new home. Most people know to label boxes as kitchen, bathroom, living room, or master bedroom, but it might be best to use a color-coordinated system. Packing tape comes in a variety of colors and if you designate certain colors for certain rooms, you can easily create a key for the movers so that unloading the truck can go as quickly and seamlessly as possible. It may also be helpful to create a secondary label that tells you the importance of the items in each box. If you have a box full of old books that you won’t be needing right away, label it in a way that tells you this is not a first priority to open. On the flip side, you might want to put stars on boxes that need to be opened first for each room.

  1. Pack a personal bag

 You will want to keep your essential items with you at all times. We spoke about keeping your important documents with you but there are other items that you should have on hand in the event that you arrive at your new home before the moving truck. You will want to have clothes for at least a couple of days, toiletries, chargers for any electronics that you also will be keeping with you, as well as any medications that you may need.

  1. Pack a box to keep with you for immediate essentials

Aside from packing a bag with your personal belongings, you should also pack a box of items that you will need immediately when you arrive. These items could include things like a shower curtain, trash bags, a few tools such as screwdrivers and hammers, a pair of scissors, extra tape, a blow-up mattress, a few blankets, and then a notepad and pen for any notes that you may need to make along the way.

Bonus Tip

If you are struggling to find information about moving, please feel free to reach out to us anytime, as we are happy the help!  We wish you luck on your long-distance move.

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College Moving Tips 101

Congratulations! You have finally graduated from high school and are on to your next adventure: college.  Whether you are staying in your hometown to attend University or you are moving out of state, there are some essential tips that can be helpful when moving to college and away from home for the first time. People often focus on just being in college but the process of getting there can leave some people feeling extremely anxious. However, there is no need to fret because we here at Zooz Moving have you covered with a few essential tips and tricks to make your transition to college as easy as possible.

College Information & Roommate Etiquette

As your move-in date is quickly approaching, the college that you are planning to attend will send you an orientation package which will include information such as move-in dates and times as well as items that are allowed and items that will be prohibited in your dorm room.  Most colleges will also let you know who your roommate is going to be as well as their contact information for them. With your roommates information available, you will be able to reach out to them ahead of time and coordinate who will bring a mini fridge or microwave. This will also free up space in your vehicle or moving van for other essential items that you may want to bring along with you. 

Another thing worth doing is reaching out to your college and requesting an early move-in date and time which will allow you some ease in moving in as there would be less people around and you could have first dibs on which side of your dorm room you would like, as well as getting all the furniture moved around how you like it. You want to make sure that even if you arrive early you don’t completely take over the dorm room and make all of the decisions because your roommate is also moving to college for the first time and it’s a good bonding experience to get everything unpacked together.

Your college will likely give you a loading zone pass that is good for a couple of hours so that you can go to and from your vehicle and have it parked close to the entrance.  Depending on how you have packed, you may consider borrowing or renting a dolly to help you move as many things as possible from your car and the shortest amount of trips

Remember to dress for the weather

One of the most overlooked things when people are moving is to consider the weather on move-in day. Are you moving in state and whether that you were familiar with or will you be moving farther away where they have a different climate. We here at Zooz Moving get calls asking us what to expect when people move to Tucson, Arizona. Some of the tips that we give our clients is to wear clothing that is light and breathable, be sure to apply and reapply sunscreen, have  plenty of water, and the most important thing is to wear a comfortable pair of tennis shoes because the last thing you want to do is drop a box on your toes if you’re wearing sandals.

Tips for Packing

When people think of moving they often envision packing cardboard boxes and carrying them to and from vehicles, but there’s a smarter way to pack especially when you consider how little room there is in most college dorm rooms. Being practical with the way you pack can make all the difference in the ease of which you transition from living at home to living in a dorm room. When it comes to clothes, you should not bring everything that you own, but rather bring the most versatile pieces that you own.  Typically, college dorm room closets are not known for being large and expansive. That being said, you will really need to think long and hard about what you actually need. Keep in mind that in most college towns there’s department stores where you can always pick up more items of clothing if you need them.

A great way to transfer clothes is to put them on hangers and then cut a hole in a garbage bag and put it over all of the hangers that are bundled together and then you can bring them all in at once rather than piece by piece or all wrinkled from being in a box. Another thing to consider is packing your belongings in bins that you can use in your dorm room. Many places have great plastic bins that work as shelving or drawers and rather than pack your clothing or other items in a box you can just put them in those bins and transport them, cutting back on waste. You should also consider the non clothing items that are essential, such as phone chargers, a computer charger.. It is always a good idea to have at least one surge protector so that you can plug multiple items into one wall plug. I would recommend bringing multiple surge protectors, especially if you plan on plugging in your mini fridge and microwave.   It is also worth noting that for larger items like mini fridges and microwaves it may be better to wait and purchase them until you arrive in your college town. It will save space in your vehicle and it’s something that you can easily bring once you have everything else settled in.

Final Steps

Once you have moved in all of your items it’s time to decorate! You will want to decorate in a way that is both representative of your personality and also respectful of your roommate. You will also want to make sure that you follow any rules that your college has set out as far as hanging things on the wall as many do not allow for people to use nails to hang pictures, so double-sided tape or Command hooks are going to be your go-to options.   Once you are all settled in your dorm room it’s time to explore your campus. Remember this will be your home for the next four or so years, get out there and explore all of the things that your college has to offer and don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and meet all of the wonderful people that will be your classmates for the next several years.



Every month, hundreds of people move to the US. Moving companies have their importance in many aspects. Saving time, professional handling and services, reduction of risk and reliability are some of the reasons why you need to hire them for moving. To have a perfect move, there are some essentials tips on how to choose the right movers in the US. Because moving from one place to another is itself quiet buzzing but it would help if you have selected perfect moving service! Taking care of your belongings is something you cannot allow to anybody. You cannot trust anyone for such a responsible task. Most of the people are going to experience for the first time to hire any full packing and moving services. Moving is not easy – moving from the place you have been living for a long time is not easy. One may be happier because of any opportunity available in the moving place but agree or not you always have an emotional attachment. So, to move satisfactorily without facing any difficulty here are 6 essential steps. 

How to Choose the Right Movers in 6 Easy Steps


  • Do Some Investigation


The very first step is your private investigation. Suppose you are moving to Tucson, look for best movers in Tucson, read their customer reviews. If possible, contact those who have used moving services before. Ask them to share their experiences as you will get to know any special tip for sure. Research on when to hire movers in Tucson etc. Remember your moving day is full of physical and mental exhaustion. Many questions will hijack your mind that whether your hired movers provide this or that or not. 

To have a perfect service for you, look for the license of movers. Verify the quality and insurance they come up with. Confirm their engagement on your desired dates. Many movers have special discount offers during the off-season or provide concession for their unoccupied dates; explore such kind of ease. In most cases, moving companies are found highly occupied during summers. Look for your desired company and investigate privately before any commitments.


  • Plan Before Schedule


To avoid any inconvenience, planning before hiring any company is necessary. To have perfect service you must list out each and everything that includes your budget, your priorities, and the services you need. Whether you want to pack your stuff by yourself or you want a company to do that for you. Do you want a company to provide packing materials or you have all the arrangements available? These are some of the listings that could help a lot.

Line your budget as everything could be done amazingly if you spend money like water but doing best at the lowest possible rates is always appreciated. Recognize what items movers do not move. Assemble everything you want to move – manage yourself and be confident in front of movers. Remember, if you act like you do not know anything and you are afraid of something is irritating you – there are chances someone may trick you and charge you additional extra charges. This may happen if you act like oh you are so confused and so worried about what will happen and how will happen. Know your rights – there is no need to be stressed or panic as you are the one who is paying for and it is your right to direct them according to your needs.


  • Ask for Recommendation


Investigate for customer or client reviews. Search on the internet for that – you have tools available so utilize them well. Reviewing customer feedback will help a lot. Moreover, you can request those clients to guide you further. Approach experts to ask suggestions about what the best time is to move. Which company provides the best packing and moving service. A lot of tips are available on the internet regarding how to use moving companies – read a lot of them. The more you know the more it would be relaxing for you. 


Social circle and relatives can help too if they have ever experienced moving. If not, then you can ask movers to provide the reference of any few of their clients. 


  • Get Detailed Quotation 


Whatever terms are decided between you and the company, make sure to have a written copy of each and everything in detail. Ask for quotations from many companies to select the one that provides the best package amongst all. Make sure you include everything that is to be moved. Most of the packing and moving services have hidden charges – be aware of it. All the pricing, payment method, and payment time should be decided before starting any activity. Whether you pay in bulk or pay half of the amount in advance and a half at the time of delivery, write everything! It is always recommended not to pay in bulk and more percentage in advance. Do not forget the limit of your budget before committing to anyone or signing any agreement.


  1. Never forget to make a list of all your goods and their conditions before packing them to move.
  2. Always keep your precious goods with you rather than packing everything and loading it to the truck.


  • Negotiate 


You can obtain other benefits if you need any but only because of negotiations. So, take a mug of hot coffee, relax, and think about all the possible risks that should be considered. Work out on your agreement or compromise anything by having a discussion. Try your best to reach the tailor-made agreement that would be customized according to your needs and proves to be ideal for you. Remember no moving service is going to favor you until you do not break the ice. Your good attitude and etiquette can make a difference – so be flexible. 


  • Never Hesitate to Ask


Never ignore your second sight! If you are not satisfied with anything go for it and ask. If you are having difficulty deciding anything, ask for personal opinions of professionals. Professionals are in this field for a long time and most probably you are experiencing it for the first time. So, asking a professional can be beneficial in many ways. Again, nobody would give you free advice; you must ask for it rather than waiting and expecting.

Young couple carrying big cardboard box at new home.Moving house.

Perks and Needs of Hiring Full Time Movers While Moving?

Moving from one place to another is hectic yet an adventurous opportunity. It requires all the focus and consideration. Moving can be a life transition. Besides challenging it can be a rewarding and enriching experience. So, one should be very well prepared for all the upcoming changes during the journey. After deciding the place to move, make a sheet and note down all the important things to be done. Plan how to pack things and think about the shipment arrangements. To ease this difficulty when can easily hire good and professional movers. The moving agencies such as the well-known moving company Tuscan Movers, in Tuscan helps different people and business to move their items from one place to other.

Services provided by full movers:

Full-time movers provide a lot of moving services including full packing and moving services, besides just lifting and carrying. There is a lot more movers can do. Let us discuss some of the services provided by the full-time professional movers.

  • List of important things:

The intimal step taken by the professional movers is to visit the house and make a list of all the important things to pack before moving. They usually enquire from the homeowners too. From furniture to piece paper, all the important things will be listed. 

  • Keeping a record of all belongings:

After listing the important things to be moved and packed. They keep a record of every belonging of the owner. This step is helpful in the organization of things and moving efficiently.

  • Packing:

Among the most dreadful tasks, while moving, packing is at the top of the lean. If you hire full-time movers, they will provide you with all the full packing and moving services. They will wrap all your valuables in the sheets. Labelling and packing the things in the boxes. And yes, moving them to your new home is also included in their job.

  • Protection of the valuables:

While moving things the biggest concern is protection. The professional movers will protect each thing including furniture and glass accessories. They know how to minimize the damage and protect things. They have certain plans and things that will protect your valuable belongings. Not only things they make sure to protect your new and old residence.

  • Vehicle arrangements:

Before the moving day, the team of the movers will arrange the vehicle according to the things that are required to move. Whereas while arranging the vehicle they make sure that it is in a good condition and can move. Vehicles loaded with furniture and boxes need special consideration. It needs to stop and take turn carefully. Professional drivers are hired with certification and registration on national organizations guaranteeing safety and security. Thus, the drivers also make sure to drive safely to avoid any kind of damage. And move your items safe Abd sound. 

  • Loading of goods:

Loading things on the trucks is very hectic as some of the trucks are high hence one cannot reach. The professional movers know how to load furniture, boxes and delicate things safely. They will tie the heavier items down while the lighter. While the glass accessories are wrapped in the plastic and put them on the heavy items. They know how to fill and maximize space. Also, the correct position the boxes so that they should not fell. After packing, the movers will check all the things and then load it safely in the vehicles for moving. 

  • Safeguarding the things:

Security of your belongings is very necessary while moving. This can be better provided the movers. Besides providing the protection, safeguarding the things is mandatory. It can only be provided by professionals. The movers will secure your belongings in the vehicle utilizing special moving mats, belts, and clamps. The vehicles are locked properly before moving. 

  • Unloading the items:

 If you unload all the loaded items yourself, it is very difficult. Because there are a lot of items and you will require a bunch of people for carrying and lifting too. Whereas the professional team of movers besides loading and packing can also unload all the items. They know how to move the household items carefully with competence. They will also save time during loading and unloading. Before moving to the new residence, movers will cover the floors and walls with bands or straps, to avoid any mess. The professionals will save your time and this all will be done in 2-3 hours. 

  • Disposal of the unnecessary material:

After unboxing and unpacking there is a lot of mess. There are tons of cupboards and packing sheets. The movers will make sure to dispose of all these unnecessary items correctly after unpacking.

  • Organization of the household:

After unloading the items, the expert movers ask the owners about the placement of the things. The movers put all the boxes and items to the room which they belong. From furniture to electrical types of equipment, they will arrange everything including the furniture in rooms and microwave in the kitchen. They will organize all the household items according to the requirements. 

  • Cleaning up:

At the end after unpacking and organizing the things, clean up is required. The new house is deeply cleansed by the movers including the blankets, sheets, curtains, floors and rooms. The clean and tidy house is now ready to live.


From the start till the end, the professional movers suggest the best level of services that you can not get when you do it yourself. There is a lot of hard work required while moving. Now you will understand why we need to hire the professional movers and what are the perks you can get while hiring them. 

If you are planning to move to Tuscan or surroundings. This stressful experience and journey of moving can be made relaxed while hiring the best professional movers in Tucson as Tucson Movers. They are known to be the best movers in Tucson. 

Contact Zooz Moving at (520) 447-0900 to get all the moving professionals services.


Tips To Keep in Mind to Get Yourself the Best Movers and Packers

There are many essential factors that one needs to consider if they are preparing to relocate somewhere. Relocation is not only about gathering your things together and moving out but a lot more complicated. In addition to gathering all your supplies, logistics plays an essential role in taking your goods safely from one place to another. Many people do not opt for moving services as it is costly and pinches their pockets. So it is essential to find not only efficient but affordable moving services. Movers in Tuscan can efficiently provide Packing and moving services at the most pocket-friendly budget to suit your needs. 

Moving services needs to be chosen cautiously to get the best services out of it. Professional movers provide full Packing and moving services and free your mind off the stress, making your experience smoother. It also gives you more free time to yourself to do other essential chores while they tale utmost responsibility for moving services.  

It is not easy to find an ideal moving Services Company. Many times we head to Google to search for a perfect moving service company. Or most people prefer to take suggestions from their friends. Whatever you do, you should get an efficient movers service provider to get your work done so that you do not face any hassles. Hence, it is recommended that you should keep the following factors and tips when looking for good and reliable movers in Tucson. 

Recommendation from people that you trust 

Google search may not always give you the most reliable search results. However, your friends and relatives will provide you with the right suggestions based on their own experiences. They may have previously used the services of moving companies, and it has helped them find the perfect moving services providing efficient services.   

Reviews of Movers and packers services 

Once you get hold of few names of movers in Tucson, you can utilize the online reviews to learn more about it. People usually leave reviews on the sites of many moving services companies, whether good or bad. Hence, reading the real experiences of other people will get you a clearer idea of the company. Generalized positive reviews from many clients for a company will encourage you to contact them to avail of services. 

Successful Past work records 

Based on the information that you attain online, you can get a generalized idea about the moving company. 

They can provide a general idea of the company’s success rates and the several successful projects that they have delivered. Unless you have several recommendations about a moving company, you should stick to those that have proven their competency over time with successful projects.     

License and insurance of movers 

You should not utilize any movers in Tucson which do not possess a license and insurance. Any group of people who own a truck and a few labors cannot name themselves as movers. Full Packing and moving services companies need to have a valid DOT number. They should have insurance also. These are provided by the 

Never use a moving company that isn’t licensed and insured. Any group of people can buy a truck and call themselves a moving company. Still, only those who are officially licensed and insured are legally bound to protect your property Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. 

To simplify finding trustworthy movers, it is essential to search for movers in Tucson in the moving company directory, which features detailed information about more than 600 reputable movers across the nation. 

Transparency in charges of movers 

When you call the movers to book the services, it provides a rate card for all its services. When making your deal, you should ensure that the present rates or quotes should be transparent. There should be no hidden costs like additional charges for material packing or different charges for different objects like fragile or large objects. Moving companies need to be very transparent in their charges and ensure that they inform consumers about all extra fee charges,  

Moving Services Company should meet your individual needs 

Every movement is different for varied purposes. Whether you are moving to a studio apartment, a four-bedroom villa, or a bungalow, you need to ensure that the movers provide efficient and suitable full Packing and moving services that adapt to your needs. Some essentials things you need to take into consideration are: 

  • Whether the company has a moving truck, which is an adequate size to fit all your needs. 
  • The company should have moving services that provide additional packing supplies such as moving blankets, garment boxes, and bubble wrap.  
  • The company is available in a time window as you need to meet your demands. It should guarantee pick-up and delivery, which is convenient for the customer. 

Beware of Fraudulent movers company services 

There are millions of people every year, while only a small percentage of people may experience moving company fraud. To avoid yourself getting into a fraud it is essential to verify a moving company’s legitimacy, you can check for the licensing and service records of the companies. Moreover, these are essential to know before you ask for the deposits.     

Competition is fierce in the moving services industry, and regardless of where you reside, you walk have plenty of options to choose the best movers. Hence, it is suggested that you should do thorough research before you choose the best option. Overall, you want the companies with a proven history of reliability, high-quality of seven, and safety. The more research you do into finding the ideal company, the better it is to find the perfect moving company and be less likely to face mishaps. 

Relocating and shifting is a difficult task at times. If you can get excellent moving services, you can be assured of the best services. Tucson movers can guarantee you excellent services for moving and shifting. Keeping these factors in mind is essential to get yourself the right moving company for the move. 

Call Zooz Moving at (520) 447-0900 for more information.

3 Tips on How to Move with a Pet

Pet Moving

How to Move with a Pet: Moving with Your Furry Friends Doesn’t Have to Be a Hassle

There’s no shortage of stress during a move. Just like we often get really anxious during the moving process, so do our pets.

When it comes to moving, pet owners have to worry about travelling, possibly long distances, with their pet, as well as introducing them to a new environment.

Even if the most fearful of pets can deal with moving to another home safely with just a little extra care. Here are some tips on how to move with a pet.

1. Schedule a Visit with the Vet

Schedule a full check-up for your pet so that you’re sure that they’ll be fine while you’re travelling to your new home, especially if you’re travelling by plane.

It’s also a good idea to get any vet and vaccination records your pet may have. Also, find out if your pet needs any shots in the near future, because it may take you a while to find a new vet that you and your pet trust.

Finally, if you plan on travelling via plane, find out if your airline requires a certificate of health from your vet. If you think your pet may get scared or aggressive at the airport or on the plane ask your vet for mild sedatives to keep your pet calm.

2. Make Sure Your Route is Pet-Friendly

No matter which way you’re travelling to your new home, it’s essential to make sure that your pet will be welcome.

If you’re travelling by plane, be sure to pick an airline that allows pets to travel and ask them about their pet policies. Keep in mind that larger pets may have to travel with the cargo, while smaller ones may be allowed to be with you in the cabin.

If you’re travelling by car and plan on staying somewhere overnight, be sure to plan ahead and search for hotels that allow pets. Always leave a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door, because a scared pet may run out of the room when the door is opened.

3. Make Sure Your Pet Feels Loved

Remember, this is a stressful process for your pet, too!

Try to do everything you can to make your pet feel safe. Have them travel with their favorite toy or blanket so that they don’t feel like their environment is completely strange and scary. This is still important after you’re all moved in so that they can get used to their new home.

It’s also a good idea to spend as much time with them as you can. Having someone there that they trust can make the process a little easier.

Finally, keep an eye on your pet’s behavior after moving. Some pets can get so nervous that they won’t eat or drink any water for a while after moving.

Bad behavior can also indicate that your pet is stressed. Instead of punishing them, play with them, give them treats, and spoil them. It’ll remind them that although the transition may be difficult, they’re still very loved.

Choose Zooz Moving for All Your Moving Needs

With or without pets, moving isn’t an easy task. Zooz Moving, the trusted local Tucson movers, can take care of most of the difficulty of moving so that you won’t have to worry about it.

To learn more about what Zooz Moving can do to make moving day a breeze, call us today at (520) 447-0900 for a no-obligation estimate!

Moving Darth Vader to Tucson, AZ

Should Have Moved to Tucson, AZ

When it comes to the Star Wars franchise, there are several immutable truths: space is awesome, the prequels are terrible, and it’s strange that the Rebels are able to destroy the Death Star as easily as they do.

In this post, we’re going to make a bold claim. The Death Star really wasn’t that good of a base. In fact, the Galactic Empire would’ve been better off moving out of the base and to a different location.

Perhaps they could’ve moved to Tucson, AZ?

Why Tucson, AZ Is Better

Before we could begin to make the move, we would have to convince Grand Moff Tarkin that the move was right for him. It would be a tough sell. After all, he’s so confident in the Death Star that he refuses to evacuate it even when the Rebels are in the process of blowing it up.

Admittedly, the Death Star does has some cool qualities. For one, it’s incredibly intimidating. That moment in A New Hope where Obi-Wan says, “That’s no moon. It’s a space station,” wouldn’t happen if Grand Moff Tarkin made the long-distance move to Tucson.

But while the view in Tucson isn’t as intimidating, it is beautiful.

Darth Vader in Tucson, AZ

Darth Vader in Tucson, AZ

The weather is also much better.

Which would you prefer: the suffocating cold of space, or some nice sunny Tucson days?

If that didn’t convince him, here’s the one argument that would probably make the case. Tucson, AZ is much less likely to be destroyed by a couple of well-placed blasts.

Talk About Long-Distance Tucson Moving

At Zooz Moving, we’re used to making some pretty long-distance moves.

Interstate moves? No problem.

Intergalactic moves? Well, those are a little harder.

Usually we handle everything ourselves, but in this case, we might have to rely on our good buddy Elon Musk to provide the rocket ships.

Tucson Moving Logistics

Moving everyone out of the Death Star and into Tucson would make for a truly massive logistical challenge. Luckily, we have a proven 4-step formula that allows us to make perfect moves, each time.

We work with Tucson movers to plan and personalize every detail. Are you in possession of an antique table that you want to have handled carefully? We’ve got you covered.

Do you need to move 400,000 killer droids into Tucson? We can handle it.

Best Movers in Tucson, AZ

At Zooz, we make sure the focus is on you. We give you our 100% guarantee that we will be on-time for both your pickup and delivery date.

Luckily, this means we shouldn’t have to worry about getting force-choked by Darth Vader.

We’re the Tucson movers you can trust. If you’d like to call and ask about our services, our number is (520) 447-0900. You can also email us at