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10 Things to Do to Prepare for a Long-Distance Move

  1. Know all of the important dates

It may seem silly, but knowing all of the dates around a long-distance move is very important. You will need to know the day you need to be out of your current home, the day you will be able to get keys to your new home, as well as the date you will be able to move in. This will help you coordinate and stay on track. We recommend printing out a blank calendar page that you can keep with you and write down information for each day as it applies. This is also a great place for you to write down any important numbers such as moving companies, utilities, and anything else that you may need in the process of coordinating your long-distance move.

  1. Central Location for Important Documents

When people are moving, they typically have a filing cabinet where they keep all of their records. Ideally, you will wrap the entire filing cabinet in plastic wrap for transportation, keeping most of their important documents in the filing cabinet itself. The one caveat is that you should keep your most valuable items with you during the process of your move. If you need to go out and buy a folder to hold birth certificates, passports, ID cards, marriage and birth certificates, and anything else that is pertinent, we highly advise that you keep these items on you during your move. Other helpful information to keep on you, would be your service contract with your moving company, a list of any important numbers, and information about your new home including but not limited to how to obtain your new keys and who to call if you have issues doing so.

  1. Utilities

Since we have now established that you need to know the dates you need to be out of your current home and into your new home, it is time to call your utility companies to arrange shut off at your old residence, which we recommend scheduling for a day or two after you need to be out, and then you will want the utilities to be turned on the earliest possible date at your new residence. When you arrive you will want to have power and water available at the very minimum. At the end of your day moving in, one of the things you’re going to want is a hot shower, so make sure you get this scheduled with enough time that you do not have to wait.

  1. Measure

When you buy a new home, you typically receive a home report that gives you all of the measurements for each room in the house and the doorways. On your end, you should go to your home and measure any furniture or electronics to make sure that the moving company has the proper equipment to both wrap and carefully move your large items. These items include but are not limited to refrigerators, entertainment stands, coffee tables, couches, bed frames, and mattresses.

  1. Hire a moving company

When hiring a moving company, it is important that you call at least three but no more than five. Before you make a call it’s helpful to have a good idea of the large items you will need to be transport as well as their measurements, which we have already gone over. When you are speaking to a moving company, first impressions matter, so if something seems off, be polite but move on. Ideally, even if a company you are hiring is not local to you, they will send somebody out to your home to give you an estimate.  We often have people give us a call because they plan on moving to Tucson, Arizona, but they are coming from states away. We can arrange a time to do a video call where you can walk us through your home and we can advise you on what a rough estimate would be.

  1. Declutter

Decluttering your current home is invaluable advice, that many people will give you.  What better time to go through the items in your entire house and throw out anything you don’t need than ahead of a long-distance move?! Keep in mind, most moving estimates are charged by the weight of the load, so the less stuff you have to move, the better the price you will get. When going through your belongings take an inventory of the items you will take and then create two other piles, one for items you plan on donating, and the second, items that you will be throwing away.

  1. Sort valuables into one section

Something helpful to do before movers arrive, is to sort your valuable and fragile items into one section of your home. This way you can easily document the current condition of these items and go over them with a moving company. this will also guarantee that none of your fragile items get overlooked because you have already let a moving company know that these are the important items to you, so they can take extra precautions when packing.

  1. Label Boxes

If you take the time to properly label boxes when you are packing, it will help save you headaches when you arrive at your new home. Most people know to label boxes as kitchen, bathroom, living room, or master bedroom, but it might be best to use a color-coordinated system. Packing tape comes in a variety of colors and if you designate certain colors for certain rooms, you can easily create a key for the movers so that unloading the truck can go as quickly and seamlessly as possible. It may also be helpful to create a secondary label that tells you the importance of the items in each box. If you have a box full of old books that you won’t be needing right away, label it in a way that tells you this is not a first priority to open. On the flip side, you might want to put stars on boxes that need to be opened first for each room.

  1. Pack a personal bag

 You will want to keep your essential items with you at all times. We spoke about keeping your important documents with you but there are other items that you should have on hand in the event that you arrive at your new home before the moving truck. You will want to have clothes for at least a couple of days, toiletries, chargers for any electronics that you also will be keeping with you, as well as any medications that you may need.

  1. Pack a box to keep with you for immediate essentials

Aside from packing a bag with your personal belongings, you should also pack a box of items that you will need immediately when you arrive. These items could include things like a shower curtain, trash bags, a few tools such as screwdrivers and hammers, a pair of scissors, extra tape, a blow-up mattress, a few blankets, and then a notepad and pen for any notes that you may need to make along the way.

Bonus Tip

If you are struggling to find information about moving, please feel free to reach out to us anytime, as we are happy the help!  We wish you luck on your long-distance move.

Practical issues for Student Moves and the Professional Solutions

Each year, endless students visit the University of Arizona. It happens to be a public university in Tucson, Arizona, founded in 1885. The university offers state of the art education and research facilities in masters, doctoral and professional degree courses. A great array of studies is available in this university, offering a perfect result.  If you are one of these students opting for studies there and planning for a move to the location for that, then opting for Full packing and moving services is perfect. 

Tips for preparing a student move To Tucson Arizona

Before we get into the subject, the first thing we have to talk about is searching an apartment depending on the university’s location and knowing the people with whom we are going to live, since they are essential when choosing the decoration of your new home. It is also crucial that you see if your new house has all the necessary utensils, such as crockery, cutlery, pots. This is a task that the student has to do, after which he can call the professional movers in Tucson, Arizona.

Students who were able to return to their family home have probably left many of their belongings in the student apartment or residence where they lived during the course. They find themselves in need of collecting their clothes, furniture, and other personal property and moving them to their parents’ house where they are quarantined. Some also consider using a furniture repository to store larger objects. They can now depend on the Long distance moving services as they get ready themselves for the big move to the university.

  • Keep in mind that the rental contracts for many student flats end with the school year. This makes homeowners want to repossess their home.
  • When we talk about student moves, we are referring to temporary transfers. Sometimes it is only a few months, although other times it is years, but generally they are usually temporary.
  • This means that the moving procedure is much more comfortable, but at the same time, it has its difficulties.
  • We want to take everything with us, although we have to choose to improve our resources. Here we leave you a list of tips that will surely help you.

Organization of the Move with Tucson Arizona Movers

It is not “mandatory” to take the entire wardrobe. Think that later, surely, you will have the house disorganized, you will reduce the space and, in the end, you will not put even half of what you take. But when you plan to take the maximum, than entrusting the whole task to the Full packing and moving services is essential.

The clothes that you like and wear the most will be that you wear them at the end: with two pajamas it is worth it, in underwear do not skimp, a swimsuit just in case, several shoes, boots, slippers and coats, your personal care items, sweaters, and some backpack or bag. It can also include an umbrella, sportswear, and something more formal.

Generally, wherever you go, there will already be household and kitchen utensils, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. In this way, it will not take up more space than will go to the blankets, saucepans, hangers, desks, pillows, chairs, and other objects. It would also be useful to find out about the household appliances and other electrical devices that the home has since they are usually uncomfortable and heavy objects to transport and weight will never be taken off (never better said) just by asking.

Rent a furniture repository For your storage for Tucson Arizona Move

If, on the other hand, you must move with all your belongings, you can rent a furniture repository to keep your belongings in perfect condition and that they do not hinder you if you are going to share a flat and do not have of enough space. Other than the Packing services, you can also have these options now.

There are moving companies that offer this service and professionally take care of putting your furniture in without damaging them.

You can rent the space you need. If you have few items, you match your money to your capacity so that they are perfectly packaged and in a facility free from inclement weather so that when you return for them, they will be in perfect condition.

Is there any Alternative?

If the move is to Tucson, Arizona, the move will likely take place gradually. It is not necessary, thanks to the proximity, to take everything at once. They can be used on weekends to carry objects and clothing that are necessary, depending on the time of year and the student’s needs.

If, on the other hand, the destination is further away, the move is made in a single day to organize the space better and not waste time on more transfers. It will be enough to plan all the packages in advance and organize them with the family to help you.

For a more professional service, it is better to have Full packing and moving services with experience. We will provide you with all the information you need, also on budgets, whether your child wants to move to Tucson.

It is advisable to prepare them a few days before because they will ask you for information about the number, size, fragility, or weight of the objects you want to move. This kind of company is necessary, especially if you need to move fragile or bulky material. If the destination is very far and you do not want to waste your money and time in a double transfer, they are the best options for you.

Last words

You can be sure that hiring a moving service guarantees an efficient transfer for student moves. They are professionals in packaging. They know how they should place your objects, and, especially, they can remove all your belongings from your home without causing any damage. When they arrive at the destination address, they will help you bring all the packages to the house, and they will place the boxes in their respective rooms if necessary.

Young couple carrying big cardboard box at new home.Moving house.

Perks and Needs of Hiring Full Time Movers While Moving?

Moving from one place to another is hectic yet an adventurous opportunity. It requires all the focus and consideration. Moving can be a life transition. Besides challenging it can be a rewarding and enriching experience. So, one should be very well prepared for all the upcoming changes during the journey. After deciding the place to move, make a sheet and note down all the important things to be done. Plan how to pack things and think about the shipment arrangements. To ease this difficulty when can easily hire good and professional movers. The moving agencies such as the well-known moving company Tuscan Movers, in Tuscan helps different people and business to move their items from one place to other.

Services provided by full movers:

Full-time movers provide a lot of moving services including full packing and moving services, besides just lifting and carrying. There is a lot more movers can do. Let us discuss some of the services provided by the full-time professional movers.

  • List of important things:

The intimal step taken by the professional movers is to visit the house and make a list of all the important things to pack before moving. They usually enquire from the homeowners too. From furniture to piece paper, all the important things will be listed. 

  • Keeping a record of all belongings:

After listing the important things to be moved and packed. They keep a record of every belonging of the owner. This step is helpful in the organization of things and moving efficiently.

  • Packing:

Among the most dreadful tasks, while moving, packing is at the top of the lean. If you hire full-time movers, they will provide you with all the full packing and moving services. They will wrap all your valuables in the sheets. Labelling and packing the things in the boxes. And yes, moving them to your new home is also included in their job.

  • Protection of the valuables:

While moving things the biggest concern is protection. The professional movers will protect each thing including furniture and glass accessories. They know how to minimize the damage and protect things. They have certain plans and things that will protect your valuable belongings. Not only things they make sure to protect your new and old residence.

  • Vehicle arrangements:

Before the moving day, the team of the movers will arrange the vehicle according to the things that are required to move. Whereas while arranging the vehicle they make sure that it is in a good condition and can move. Vehicles loaded with furniture and boxes need special consideration. It needs to stop and take turn carefully. Professional drivers are hired with certification and registration on national organizations guaranteeing safety and security. Thus, the drivers also make sure to drive safely to avoid any kind of damage. And move your items safe Abd sound. 

  • Loading of goods:

Loading things on the trucks is very hectic as some of the trucks are high hence one cannot reach. The professional movers know how to load furniture, boxes and delicate things safely. They will tie the heavier items down while the lighter. While the glass accessories are wrapped in the plastic and put them on the heavy items. They know how to fill and maximize space. Also, the correct position the boxes so that they should not fell. After packing, the movers will check all the things and then load it safely in the vehicles for moving. 

  • Safeguarding the things:

Security of your belongings is very necessary while moving. This can be better provided the movers. Besides providing the protection, safeguarding the things is mandatory. It can only be provided by professionals. The movers will secure your belongings in the vehicle utilizing special moving mats, belts, and clamps. The vehicles are locked properly before moving. 

  • Unloading the items:

 If you unload all the loaded items yourself, it is very difficult. Because there are a lot of items and you will require a bunch of people for carrying and lifting too. Whereas the professional team of movers besides loading and packing can also unload all the items. They know how to move the household items carefully with competence. They will also save time during loading and unloading. Before moving to the new residence, movers will cover the floors and walls with bands or straps, to avoid any mess. The professionals will save your time and this all will be done in 2-3 hours. 

  • Disposal of the unnecessary material:

After unboxing and unpacking there is a lot of mess. There are tons of cupboards and packing sheets. The movers will make sure to dispose of all these unnecessary items correctly after unpacking.

  • Organization of the household:

After unloading the items, the expert movers ask the owners about the placement of the things. The movers put all the boxes and items to the room which they belong. From furniture to electrical types of equipment, they will arrange everything including the furniture in rooms and microwave in the kitchen. They will organize all the household items according to the requirements. 

  • Cleaning up:

At the end after unpacking and organizing the things, clean up is required. The new house is deeply cleansed by the movers including the blankets, sheets, curtains, floors and rooms. The clean and tidy house is now ready to live.


From the start till the end, the professional movers suggest the best level of services that you can not get when you do it yourself. There is a lot of hard work required while moving. Now you will understand why we need to hire the professional movers and what are the perks you can get while hiring them. 

If you are planning to move to Tuscan or surroundings. This stressful experience and journey of moving can be made relaxed while hiring the best professional movers in Tucson as Tucson Movers. They are known to be the best movers in Tucson. 

Contact Zooz Moving at (520) 447-0900 to get all the moving professionals services.


Tips To Keep in Mind to Get Yourself the Best Movers and Packers

There are many essential factors that one needs to consider if they are preparing to relocate somewhere. Relocation is not only about gathering your things together and moving out but a lot more complicated. In addition to gathering all your supplies, logistics plays an essential role in taking your goods safely from one place to another. Many people do not opt for moving services as it is costly and pinches their pockets. So it is essential to find not only efficient but affordable moving services. Movers in Tuscan can efficiently provide Packing and moving services at the most pocket-friendly budget to suit your needs. 

Moving services needs to be chosen cautiously to get the best services out of it. Professional movers provide full Packing and moving services and free your mind off the stress, making your experience smoother. It also gives you more free time to yourself to do other essential chores while they tale utmost responsibility for moving services.  

It is not easy to find an ideal moving Services Company. Many times we head to Google to search for a perfect moving service company. Or most people prefer to take suggestions from their friends. Whatever you do, you should get an efficient movers service provider to get your work done so that you do not face any hassles. Hence, it is recommended that you should keep the following factors and tips when looking for good and reliable movers in Tucson. 

Recommendation from people that you trust 

Google search may not always give you the most reliable search results. However, your friends and relatives will provide you with the right suggestions based on their own experiences. They may have previously used the services of moving companies, and it has helped them find the perfect moving services providing efficient services.   

Reviews of Movers and packers services 

Once you get hold of few names of movers in Tucson, you can utilize the online reviews to learn more about it. People usually leave reviews on the sites of many moving services companies, whether good or bad. Hence, reading the real experiences of other people will get you a clearer idea of the company. Generalized positive reviews from many clients for a company will encourage you to contact them to avail of services. 

Successful Past work records 

Based on the information that you attain online, you can get a generalized idea about the moving company. 

They can provide a general idea of the company’s success rates and the several successful projects that they have delivered. Unless you have several recommendations about a moving company, you should stick to those that have proven their competency over time with successful projects.     

License and insurance of movers 

You should not utilize any movers in Tucson which do not possess a license and insurance. Any group of people who own a truck and a few labors cannot name themselves as movers. Full Packing and moving services companies need to have a valid DOT number. They should have insurance also. These are provided by the 

Never use a moving company that isn’t licensed and insured. Any group of people can buy a truck and call themselves a moving company. Still, only those who are officially licensed and insured are legally bound to protect your property Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. 

To simplify finding trustworthy movers, it is essential to search for movers in Tucson in the moving company directory, which features detailed information about more than 600 reputable movers across the nation. 

Transparency in charges of movers 

When you call the movers to book the services, it provides a rate card for all its services. When making your deal, you should ensure that the present rates or quotes should be transparent. There should be no hidden costs like additional charges for material packing or different charges for different objects like fragile or large objects. Moving companies need to be very transparent in their charges and ensure that they inform consumers about all extra fee charges,  

Moving Services Company should meet your individual needs 

Every movement is different for varied purposes. Whether you are moving to a studio apartment, a four-bedroom villa, or a bungalow, you need to ensure that the movers provide efficient and suitable full Packing and moving services that adapt to your needs. Some essentials things you need to take into consideration are: 

  • Whether the company has a moving truck, which is an adequate size to fit all your needs. 
  • The company should have moving services that provide additional packing supplies such as moving blankets, garment boxes, and bubble wrap.  
  • The company is available in a time window as you need to meet your demands. It should guarantee pick-up and delivery, which is convenient for the customer. 

Beware of Fraudulent movers company services 

There are millions of people every year, while only a small percentage of people may experience moving company fraud. To avoid yourself getting into a fraud it is essential to verify a moving company’s legitimacy, you can check for the licensing and service records of the companies. Moreover, these are essential to know before you ask for the deposits.     

Competition is fierce in the moving services industry, and regardless of where you reside, you walk have plenty of options to choose the best movers. Hence, it is suggested that you should do thorough research before you choose the best option. Overall, you want the companies with a proven history of reliability, high-quality of seven, and safety. The more research you do into finding the ideal company, the better it is to find the perfect moving company and be less likely to face mishaps. 

Relocating and shifting is a difficult task at times. If you can get excellent moving services, you can be assured of the best services. Tucson movers can guarantee you excellent services for moving and shifting. Keeping these factors in mind is essential to get yourself the right moving company for the move. 

Call Zooz Moving at (520) 447-0900 for more information.


Tips Before Moving

Moving from one place to another is not an easy thing. We cannot hide the fact that moving is really part of the lives of people. Whether we like it or not, there will be times that we will be moving. In reality, there will be a lot of things that you are going to consider. This includes looking for moving services, packing and loading your things, making of transition, and a lot of more. Of course, you will be needing enough time and effort to prepare everything for you to have a smooth moving. You must be patient enough while doing the process. You do not want to compromise and complicate things.

One of the key factors of having a success in moving to your new place is the full packing and moving services provided by a moving company. There are plenty of movers in Tucson that can provide excellent moving services. One of those is the Tucson Movers. Other than that, there are still more factors for having a successful moving.

Below are some of the tips that would definitely help you in your moving. Hope these tips will give you wonderful ideas for you to apply. 

Draft a Checklist

Creating a checklist can be considered as the first step in your preparation of moving. Basically a checklist may contain the things you will be bringing, a timeline which includes your tasks to do, your total budget, and a lot more depending on the needs that you will consider. This checklist will help you visualize from planning up until to the day of your moving.

An example of an important thing you will include in the checklist is choosing a moving company such as Tucson Movers. It will be also included the information to be gathered the price, how good the moving services is and a lot more. Budgeting is also essential in order for you to choose appropriately.

Strategize Well

If you are planning to move to a new place, you should think of strategies to lessen the hassle and even save your budget. Strategizing every step in the moving process will contribute to the ease of your preparation. 

You must think of a perfect date for you to move. Pick a date that you think you can save a lot like early morning for moving services are cheaper in those times. There are a lot of movers in Tucson that offer affordable full packing and moving services during specific period of time. 

You will also need to decide whether you move by yourself or you will be needing a help from movers in Tucson. Definitely, if you choose to hire a moving company, do not forget to include Tucson Movers in your list of choices.

Record Keeping and Inventory

It is important to track all your belongings to avoid having a stressful moving. Start making an inventory your things in a specific part of your old place, then you transfer to another area until you make a full inventory of your things inside. The importance of making an inventory is for you to avoid missing of the things upon your transfer into other place. 

After making the inventory and writing your property records, you may now start with the packing. It is advisable to label all the packs to avoid confusion while loading the packs to a truck or any vehicle. One application for this is if you forget to label a pack a lot of things inside are made of glasses, there can be a tendency for that pack to be damaged during the loading. 

Make and Send Notices

Do not forget to update other important people and offices about your moving. Create a list of who you need to notify when you move. For instance, you relatives and workmates like your managers, you must inform them that you will be moving to other places. Purpose of this is that if any one of them wants to visit and reach out to you, they can easily locate you. 

Donate and Earn

If you have belongings that you do not use anymore or those that are not very important to be included in your moving, you can give it to you others. Other than giving them items that they might use in the future, you can somehow save time and maybe it would lessen your budget.  

On the other hand, if you do not plan to donate, then, you can sell those items that you think you do not need anymore. At least, you can earn money and can be added to your budget in hiring movers in Tucson. 

Proper Packing

Packing your things is very crucial. Moving companies such as Tucson Movers will not only load and transfer your items, but will also assist you in packing them. You can search online proper means of packing. The purpose of this is to avoid possible damages in the future.

Empty the Refrigerator

Make sure not to leave something in your refrigerator or freezer. Try to consume all the food and products inside to avoid being spilled. You also need to defrost it. By doing these, you can make sure that your refrigerator is clean and will still function after you moved. 

Clean Everything

Days before your moving, make sure to clean not only your new place, but also your old place. Cleaning your old place is a way of giving gratitude to the years you have stayed there. You have spent quiet time in that place. You do not want to leave a negative impression for the owner of the place or for the next people who will be living there next. 

Of course, you should clean as well your new place so that everything is already in order once you finished your moving. Movers in Tucson will definitely help their clients in cleaning as well their places. It is also part of the full packing and moving services that they are offering.  



Moving Long Distance

Moving long distance is not a joke; Moving can be a stressful time and struggle for almost anyone, whether you are moving across the street or across the world. The most important thing to remember when it comes to long distance moving is to always be prepared. Moving long distance requires additional strategic planning. Whatever your reason for moving, being prepared is the key to success. Each year, roughly 14% of people take on the adventure to relocate to a new home. If you’ve never moved a long distance, knowing what to expect will help ease the process.  


 Moving across the country or across the world on your own is a daunting task. Although it will save you money to move yourself, it will cause a great deal of added stress to the moving process. Not only is there a risk of damaging your most precious items, but you could even hurt yourself. It’s easy to get quotes from various cross-country movers but the thing is that you don’t need just any mover; you need absolutely the best long distance moving company out there. This is where movers in Tucson come to your help, Contact movers in Tucson and get an in-home estimate to determine costs, and to learn more about the move process. 

Don’t Try To Do It on Your Own

It’s one thing when you’re moving across town and you may be able to bribe some friends with a nice dinner or pizza — depending on your friends. It is quite another when you’re moving somewhere completely new. Hire moving services is always the more appropriate decision, the big advantage of hiring Tucson movers is the ease, no truck rental to worry about, no heavy lifting to strain your back, and less responsibility on moving day. You’ll also save yourself a lot of sweating. Tucson movers also have a lot of experience with loading, packing, and unloading items, which allows them to work faster and handle your items in a safer manner than you might be able to. 

Create a Schedule

Having an established timeline of your move is a great guideline to make sure all tasks are finished beforehand. Call movers in Tucson to make sure your move date is confirmed. Be sure to read over your estimate and all necessary paperwork involving your move carefully. Ask the Tucson movers any necessary questions you may have regarding your estimate and other paperwork.

Get professional packing help

The best way to move long distance is to receive packing assistance, either from some of your friends or from professional packers. After all, packing for a move is not meant to be completed by one person. . The biggest advantage of hiring Tucson movers will always be the convenience. Moving is certainly much easier and stress-free when you don’t have to pack a box, lift a finger, or plan. Leave the logistics to our team of experts. Heavy lifting is best handled by movers. Focus on enjoying your new home while the job is being done for you. 

Your stuff won’t get mixed up

Traditional moving companies will often transport several customers’ belongings in the same truck, increasing the possibility of mix-ups and lost items during transit. If you factor in your time, you can save money and casualties by hiring Tucson movers. The movers will take care of all the heavy lifting and moving tasks on moving day reducing the chance of any mix ups.

Will my things be damaged?

Movers in Tucson have been trained to wrap and protect items by specific placement inside a box or carton. This does not mean that items are never broken, as many different circumstances can influence whether or not something ends up breaking, but damage is much less common when using moving services than when you pack yourself.

Why hire Tucson movers for long distance move?

Tucson movers are generally highly experienced. They have years of experience in packing household goods; they move very quickly and efficiently; they are tasked to pack tightly and carefully; and their goal is to pack each carton to capacity without either over packing it (making it too heavy) or under packing it (more paper than needed). They have been trained to meet high industry standards and, in most cases, can make packing look easier than it is. When movers in Tucson enter your home, they will walk with you and listen to any concerns you may have for special care items. Once they have a good understanding of what needs to be done, they will move to pack your home quickly.


The kind of moving services most people use when they relocate are either the do it yourself, “rent a truck and drive it yourself” variety, or the traditional type of long distance moving services in which your belongings may be added to another scheduled move depending on the moving company’s schedule. Each quote Tucson movers provide for long distance full packing and moving services is unique, and will be based on the weight and size of the items you need to move or store, and how many containers you are likely to need. Tucson movers’ customer service representatives can help you determine how much container space you need for your belongings, so you can be provided with the most accurate quote that fits your needs.

Get rid of all unwanted items

The cost of a long distance move will depend on the number of items to be moved between the two homes, as well as their total weight. Long distance moving services charge based on the weight of your items and the distance of your move. Many people end up paying for items they no longer want or need at their new home. Take the time to go through your belongings and make a pile of unwanted or unneeded items. These can be donated to a charity or even sold to off-set moving expenses. 

In conclusion: the best thing to do during a long-distance move is to try to relax. Your head will be clearer and the process will go so much smoother. Your hired moving services will take care of the loading and unloading for you. Leave your move to the professionals and use the time and money you will save to help you and your loved ones adjust to their new environment.

Delivery men unloading moving boxes from car

Recognizing and Evaluating the Reliability of Moving Services

It is often a difficult task to plan and move out for long-distance. While planning and moving with moving services required several things to consider. One has to wisely decide on one best option from the available resources. Picking up the right moving company with best and quality moving services in very affordable pricing demands hectic mental involvement.

To make the moving experience less stressful demands that the customers must pick reliable Tucson movers providing full packaging and moving services. Keeping in mind several gems might help the customers to decide a moving company for movers in Tucson.


  1. Develop the best strategy for moving:

    To relocate yourself you must the process of relocation on time. This timely developing strategies for moving with Tucson ensures that you can manage all the things in the proper direction. Once the customers decided their strategies for moving the whole process will be handled easily.

  2. The actual cost of moving:

    The actual cost of moving depends on several factors including distance required to travel. It also depends on the number of belongings and household furniture being moved. If the customer purchases the packing materials from the moving companies the actual cost will be high as compare to normal services.

    If customers hire moving services also for packing and complete assistance beginning from the very first day till the final destination then customers can expect some more charges. The customer needs to know about the actual pricing of the required services before picking up any specific Tucson movers. The pricing differs from company to company but the eminent movers in Tucson also provide special deals and discounts for their customers.

  3. Never contract over blank paper:

    It is not a prudent and encouraging way of contracting on blank papers with the moving companies. If customers sign on a blank paper with moving services then scammers may misuse this opportunity and fill the sheet for the fulfillment of their malicious desires.

    When moving companies provide a contract paper to the customers then customers are encouraged to take enough time and read the instructions carefully and attentively before signing that sheet. Never trust on the moving services asking you to quickly sign the provided paper.

  4. Take a look for the services:

    It is important to decide what services are required from the movers in Tucson before hiring the one reliable moving company. Analyze the services provided by the moving company as per your demands and budget because different moving services offer a variety of services for their clients.

    You can decide better for the required services by visualizing the belongings. When you visualize the whole process you will realize most of the work easily done by yourself. This will help you acquire essential services from the moving services instead of hiring a company for full packing and moving services.

    Most moving companies provide many services including transportation, loading, and uploading of belongings and furniture, services for packing the stuff, and also offer quick solutions for the storage. The final decision depends on the customers which service to hire.

  5. Expectations from the moving companies:

    Customers demand highly professional treatment by the staff of the moving company. Whereas quality and reliability are also crucial expectations of the customers. Some companies due to their highly skilled and motivated staff plan a faster move for their valuable customers.

    Movers in Tucson are illustrious because of their courteous and professional behavior. This is why customers always expect something extraordinary from these moving services.

  6. Access the professional capability of staff:

    The staff of the hired company must possess good qualities. Customers must check the professional as well as their way of interacting with them to analyze the capabilities of staff. Customers may check the staff of the moving services is trained enough to deal with the heavy and fragile items with patience.

    Equipment owned by the company depicts a vivid picture of their reliability and professional sense. Moving services with good looking equipment are the most respectable as well as reliable. Old and rusty pieces of equipment can’t ensure the portability of goods without any damage.

  7. Some clues can reveal the reliability of the company:

    Minute observation of the customers can provide them a good analysis of the reliability of the moving services. Verify the license and insurance of the company. Reputed and reliable companies always possess a valid license and properly insured policy. Most importantly the reliable company possesses modern and up to date machinery to ensure the safe transportation of the belongings.

    Thus companies asking some unusual proceedings might be a scammer. Best and reliable moving services are transparent enough that customer can easily understand their complete process including the matters of pricing. These reliable companies are readily available to help their customers during crucial hours.

  8. Never compromise quality and reliability:

    It is a normal trend to opt the moving services with the lowest possible rates. this directly compromises the secure and timely moving. You can pick the one with the lowest rate but ask your friends and colleagues for suggestions and recommendations before finalizing the company.

  9. Be careful from the potential scammers:

    When customers finalize their moving services they also need to check the request of the company for paying the deposit. This request from the companies may be on genuine grounds and there might be a chance of risk due to the presence of potential warning shots. In this case, customers need to look for trustworthy moving services. Reputed and well-versed companies never ask their customers to pay a deposit.

  10. Appropriate moving services:

    When you have finally decided to move for the new premises the very first task you face is the hiring of right moving services. It might be difficult to select the appropriate services from a big sea of moving you and your belongings. If customers keep these mentioned points under consideration they might easily screen out their required moving services. The end product is that always hire those companies providing moving services with transparency and reliability.


If you lack the manpower or the tools to move your self call Zooz Moving, the best moving company in Tucson, to help you stay organized and complete a smooth transition. Call(520) 447-0900 to schedule your move with the best Tucson movers.

Moving company worker packing cardboard boxes, quality delivery services

Pros & Cons of Moving Yourself vs. Hiring a Moving Company

Moving Yourself


  • Less Expensive

In a monetary sense, moving yourself is vastly less expensive than hiring a moving company.  If you have some favors you can call in, you can get the help of friends and family alike. Sure, you may take up their whole weekend and be depending on the gas in their vehicles, but if they are okay with that, then it may be in your best interest to move yourself.


  • Hidden costs to others

While enlisting family and friends to help you move may save you a few dollars, it could end up costing your loved ones more than just gas money.  What happens if your cousin, Billy, accidentally drops a priceless family heirloom and it breaks? A lot of things can happen during a move if you do not know how to properly secure delicate or heavy items.  Aside from damage to your belongings, there are also damages that can be incurred to your loved one’s vehicles.

  • You could hurt yourself

Do you know how to pack a box?  Do you know the proper way to move a china cabinet or a sectional couch without scratching the furniture itself or hurting yourself?  Chances are, you probably have never had to move such large items, meaning that you are not aware of how easy it would be to hurt yourself.  There are certain tools that professional moving companies utilize to protect their belongings and themselves. You will want to have a plethora of tools at your disposal such as back braces, hand carts, and moving straps.  Keep in mind, if you hurt yourself halfway through your move, that could seriously set you back in many ways. While you may have saved some money upfront, you will now have medical bills as well as probably having to hire a moving company anyway.

  • Time Consuming

Most of us do not have to move very often, that being said, you will probably be scouring the internet for tips and tricks to make your move as seamless as possible.  In fact, that is probably how you ended up here! Aside from the hours of research, you will do, you will also need to take the time to organize helpers, materials, and tools.  You will not only be the mover, but also the project manager, possibly knit-picking your free help as to how they are packing your beloved items. Since you will be the project manager, every single thing that comes up will need to be run by you, taking up your oh-so-valuable time from the moment you even begin to think about moving until you are surrounded by boxes in your new home, exhausted, and ready to just be done.

Hiring a Moving Company


  • Organized

Professional moving companies do this all day, every day.  When was the last time you moved? Do you think that perhaps someone with daily experience might be able to offer you some solid advice on the best way to move from start to finish?  The answer is undoubted, yes. While you may be able to scour Pinterest for the best methods to stay organized during a move, a professional moving company will know EXACTLY what to do to stay organized, as it is their job.  They will be able to take away the task of micromanaging, leaving you to focus on the big picture.

  • Materials & Tools

Professional moving companies will have back braces, dollies of every shape and size, moving straps and sliders for larger items.  They will also have boxes, bubble wrap, tape and markers on hand at all times. Professional moving companies anticipate having to move large, awkwardly shaped and heavy items, as well as the smallest and most delicate of items.  They are in the business of moving people in a way that will protect their workers’ safety as well as your belongings.

  • Experts at packing, loading, and unloading

Your belongings will not be thrown together in a box haphazardly, nor will you have delicate boxes as the bottom of a moving truck, under heavier items.  Professional movers are acutely aware of the ramifications of packing and loading things in an irresponsible way, and so they are extremely careful and practiced at what they do.


  • More expensive upfront

There is no way around it, the upfront cost of hiring a moving company will certainly be more expensive than moving yourself.  Generally speaking, it costs somewhere around the realm of $2,000 to $2,500 to move a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home. That being said, you will have the assurance that your move is done not only in an efficient and time-saving manner but that you will be able to focus your energy in other areas that will need it.


If you lack the manpower or the tools to move your self call Zooz Moving, best moving company in Tucson, to help you stay organized and complete a smooth transition. Call(520) 447-0900 to schedule your move with the best Tucson movers.

Zooz Moving. The Best Tucson Moving Company

4 Tips to save on moving costs


College Freshmen: Alternative options to items that are prohibited in your dorm room

Soon you will be heading off to college for the first time, and you will have to decide what items to bring.  A lot of times, we get so wrapped up in bringing all of the comforts of home, that we do not stop to consider there are items that are strictly prohibited in a dorm room.  Below we will list some of the top items people want to bring to their dorms with them but will not be allowed, and some alternative options.

Prohibited Item: Space Heaters

There is an old trope where the father of a household is the one that controls the thermostat.  You may be thinking that because you are now technically an adult who is going off to college for the first time that you will be able to have a space heater to bring some warmth to your dorm room, well think again.  Space heaters are a serious fire hazard and as such are banned from most college dorm rooms.

Alternative Option: Heated Blanket

If you can’t have a space heater in your dorm room, a heated blanket is the next best thing.  You will want to make sure that your heated blanket has a timer on it so that even if you accidentally leave it on your way out the door, it will turn off automatically.  A good habit to get into if you have a heated blanket that plugs into an outlet, is to unplug it when you are not using it.

Prohibited Item: Portable Air Conditioning Unit

The only thing worse than being cold during the winter, is being hot during the summer.  Most dorm halls do not come equipped with air conditioning units, but that does not mean you are free to bring your own portable air conditioning unit.  Since you are not technically paying for utilities in a dorm room, there would be no way to charge every single person for the amount of energy they use when operating individual air conditioning units.

Alternative Option: Oscillating Fan

A good alternative to an air conditioner is an oscillating fan.  You can buy an oscillating fan at most retail stores for around $20-$30, and then your roommate will be able to enjoy a breeze as well.  You may want to pair your fan with breathable bamboo or cotton sheets and a reusable ice pack that can be stored in the freezer portion of a mini-fridge.

Prohibited Item: Candles

If you thought you would be bringing candles to freshen up your dorm room, or set the mood, unfortunately, you will have to do without.  Candles are an obvious fire risk, and as such they are not allowed in college dorm rooms.

Alternative Option: Battery-Operated Candles and a can of Air Freshener

In response to the no candle policy on most college campuses, you can bring in battery-operated flameless candles and a can of air freshener.  Just keep in mind that you are in a tight space, and your roommate may not appreciate your attempts at ambiance, so be prepared to have a conversation about that!

Prohibited Item: Iron

If you own a lot of clothing that needs to be ironed, you may want to rethink the clothing that you will be bringing to college because you will not be allowed to have an iron.  The reasoning behind banning irons is that they are a fire hazard, so be sure to leave it at home.

Alternative Option: Steamer

Hope you didn’t leave all of those clothes that need to be ironed behind!  Dorm rooms allow steamers, with which you will be able to get rid of wrinkles in your blouse or dress pants in no time!  You may also be very popular in your dorm hall for those students who may not always hang up their clothes or have them neatly folded.

Prohibited Item: Anything that needs nails or tacks to be hung on walls and wall decals

In case you are unaware, you will not be the first person to live in your dorm room, nor will you be the last!  For this reason, using tacks or nails to hang things on the wall is strictly forbidden. Can you imagine the amount of holes that would be in a dorm room wall if everyone who has ever lived there put posters all over the place?  If you thought that you could use wall stickers, otherwise known as decals to display pretty designs, you were also wrong. Anything that could be a pain to get off the walls will not be allowed to go on them.

Alternative Option: Pictures from home that can be displayed using tape

Scotch tape is generally acceptable when hanging things on your dorm room wall.  The reasoning behind this decision is that it really can’t hold too much or too heavy of items, and the adhesive is not powerful enough to pull paint off the walls.  The good news is, scotch tape is perfect for hanging a few pictures of friends and family on your wall.

Whether you are heading to college for the first time and moving into the dorms or an upperclassmen moving into a new apartment or house, we can help you with all of your local or long distance moving needs into or out of Tucson.  We can help you prioritize and pack, and then safely transport your belongings to your new home. We offer inexpensive moving services as well as group rates, so if you are moving into a sorority or frat house, gather your sisters and brothers and take advantage of our deeply discounted group rates!