Moving out of the dorms and into a new home!

It’s that time of year again!  You are just about to take your final examinations, or you have just finished them, and you have a choice to make – move back to your parents house for the summer, or find a house or apartment to rent off campus with some friends.  Regardless of which option you choose, Tucson moving services can help you pack up, load, unload and unpack your life again! If you are planning on moving to a shared house or apartment off campus, below are some steps to help guide you through the process of moving out of the dorms.

  1. Read the rules and regulations that you signed upon moving into the dorms.  Make sure that you leave the space in the same condition that you found it, if not better, to avoid being charged extra for any additional cleaning fees.
  2. Know the date you must be completely moved out of the dorms, and also the rules regarding loading vehicles.  If you need to get a permit for limited time access to parking closer to your dorm room, be sure to have it arranged well in advance, as many people will be competing for better times during the day.  If you can get an earlier move out time, it is well worth it, as you will not want to be moving during the peak heat hours under the Tucson sun!
  3. If you are moving out of the dorms and directly into an apartment or house with friends you met in the dorms, it is absolutely worth hiring a local Tucson moving service.  You will split the cost of either hiring a moving company in Tucson to do a full service move, which would mean the company would pack up, load, transport, unload, and then finally unpack your items into your new home.  You could also hire a moving company in Tucson to go to your family’s homes and pick up any furniture or other living items you may need, and bring them to your new home. You also have the option to do self-serve moving, where you hire a truck and driver, so that you can get everything into one vehicle rather than just trying to pack as many of your belongings as possible in to vehicles.  Another benefit to splitting the cost of hiring a moving company is that often times, you will receive a group rate. It is finally your summer, after all – the last thing you will want to do after the stressing about finals is to stress about moving!
  4. Change your address information with your school or any other bills so that you do not fall behind on any payments or miss any important announcements.
  5. Find out the hot spots in your new neighborhood as far as restaurants that delivery, student specials, perhaps a park with weekend activities.
  6. Set a budget.  Figure out your income for each month, as well as home expenses such a cable, heat, water or waste bills, as well as your best guess as to how much you will spend on food, gas, or any emergency money you may need in case your car breaks down or your bike gets stolen.  This is also a good time to sit down with your roommates and discuss household expectations and responsibilities.
  7. Contact your utility company and cable company prior to your move in date so that you will have water, power and internet from the moment you open the door.  The last thing you want to do is sit excitedly in your new home and not be able to take a shower and turn on the lights – or, even worse – charge your cell phone!  We kid – but seriously, you will want to have everything ready to go on your move in day.
  8. Do not move into your new home with old junk that you do not need anymore.  All of those books you paid for last year? Well, you are officially done with the class, so you most certainly do not need to keep those books.  Find out if there is a way for you to sell your textbooks to someone who will actually need them. However, do not expect to get full price for old textbooks – price them to sell and be done with them.  Textbooks are heavy and it will be one less thing you have to pack with you for your move into a new home. If you left the bulk of your belongings at your parents’ home when you moved into the dorms, this would be a good time to clear out stuff at their house as well.  Old clothes, stuffed animals, those ticket stubs you collected from dates you attended with your high school boyfriend or girlfriend? Throw them out! Unless you have an affinity for scrapbooking every stage of your life, there is no need to hold onto some things.
  9. Celebrate!  Throw a housewarming party and welcome your friends to your new home and enjoy the rest of your summer while you can!


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