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If you are thinking of hiring a Tucson moving company to transport your items, it is important to ask about non-allowable, or non-transportable items. Many times, local movers in Tucson will limit the items that you can bring on the moving truck in order to prevent danger or liability.

Non-allowable items typically include hazardous items like ammunition and gasoline, perishable items like food and plants, and will often include high-value items as well. Before you pack away all of your belongings, make sure you have a plan in place for all of your non-transferable items.

Hazardous Items

While it is a no-brainer that items such as ammunition and propane are hazardous to humans, some items like nail polish and household batteries may seem innocuous to most people. It is still best to make sure what items your Tucson moving company allows.

Before you start packing up for your next move, be sure to separate any of the following items and properly dispose of them. If you’re not sure how, contact your local hazardous waste organization for more information.

• Aerosol cans
• Ammonia/Bleach
• Batteries
• Children’s chemistry sets
• Matches
• Flammable items
• Nail polish/nail polish remover
• Fire extinguishers
• Alcohol
• Propane
• Paints
• Firearms and ammunition
• Fertilizers and pesticides

Perishable Items

Although not dangerous, you will usually find food items and plants on Tucson moving companies’ non-allowable lists. Ever wondered why?

Local Tucson Movers, and all across the country, state that food items and plants can cause spills and attract unwanted bugs and rodents. We recommend giving any unwanted food items away to family or friends. Another great option is to contact your community food pantry or non-for-profit organization and schedule a donation drop-off.

• Frozen/refrigerated foods
• Produce
• Open food items
• Plants

Heat-Sensitive Items

It should come as no surprise that the Arizona heat can pose some potential challenges, especially during the summer months.  Local Tucson movers are well aware of this fact.

The truth is that some items simply won’t survive the move in a hot moving truck and should be moved or packed cautiously using special materials to avoid damage.

We recommend taking extra care when packing the items listed below or ask your moving company to provide you with the proper materials to transport these items to your new home safely.

• Computers/Computer equipment
• Instruments
• CDs
• Record albums
• Cassette tapes

High-Value or Sentimental Items

Professional movers in Tucson, and across the globe, do not typically like to transport items that hold high-value because of the possibility of loss or damage.

If there is any item that holds extraordinary monetary or sentimental value, it is probably a good idea to make special arrangements or move it in your personal vehicle. Some people even choose to place items like expensive jewelry or family heirlooms in safety deposit boxes during the move.

• Photo albums
• Medical records
• Important documents
• Medications
• Important documents
• Stocks, bonds, and securities
• Currency
• Jewelry

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