The Zooz Moving Guide to Labeling Like a Champ

moving box labelsFew things in life have as bad a reputation as moving. If you walk onto the street and ask the first Joe that you see to describe the moving process, the word “stressful” will more than likely come up. More often than not, this stress is caused by disorganization and unpreparedness.

These stressors are can be solved by hiring local movers in Tucson. Though hiring a Tucson moving company may not be for everyone; like people who are interested in moving their own pianos.

Tucson local movers know that moving doesn’t have to be the stressful exercise that you’ve probably made it out to be. The key to a smooth and efficient move is organization, and the best way to organize your house move is to implement an intuitive labeling system. Follow these easy tips to become a labeling champion!

Choose Your Tools Wisely!

A poor craftsman may blame his tools, but that doesn’t mean that the tools used aren’t important. If you’re going to be a Master Labeler, you’ll want to choose the best tools and use them effectively.


A staple item of movers everywhere, though especially for movers in Tucson, Arizona. You’ll want at least a set of two markers to label your various boxes. This may seem fairly obvious, but it can be easy to overlook the little things. With that in mind, here’s some qualities to consider when choosing a marker:

Top Quality:

During an expensive move, it may be tempting to skimp on the little things and buy the cheapest markers within reach. Avoid the temptation of buying cheap markers and go for a quality brand that you can trust to withstand the move. Top quality writing tools will outlast the move, allowing you to use them around the house long after the last box is unpacked.


If you have the idea of utilizing a color coded system, purchase several colors to take advantage of a color coded labeling system. Ideally, you’ll want a different color for each room if possible. At the very least, you’ll want a red marker to label fragile and breakable items.

Archival and Permanent:

It’s a simple fact of life that you just can’t predict the weather. With that fact in mind, you’ll definitely want something that can withstand heat and rain equally well. Look for a marker with archival ink if possible. This type of ink is designed to last for a long, long time and wheather any wheather.


Whether printed or store-bought, labels are a lifesaver. They generally have the names of different rooms already listed, so just fill out the contents. Some even have check-marks, saving you the trouble of writing. You can always design your own labels to add your creative touch!

Colored Tape

Sure, you already have rolls upon rolls of clear packing tape (and if you don’t, you should), but you can use colored tape to take your color code system to the next level. You’ll want tape that matches your color coded system to spot which boxes belong where at a glance.

label moving boxes

The Glory of Color Codes

While entirely optional, a color code system can add an extra layer of organization and eliminate extra questions and stress.

The concept is pretty simple. You choose one color for each room and mark each box that is bound for that room with that same color.

Let’s say, for example, that you choose to use the color purple to indicate boxes that belong in your home office. You’ll want to use a purple marker on each box that you’d like to end up in the office. You could write the word “Office” in purple ink so that whoever handles the box will know where it belongs. Once this is done, repeat with any boxes that are bound for the office. Now, choose another color and room combination and repeat the process until every box is marked!

If you bought colored tape, now is the time to use it! This will allow you to identify a box’s destination at a glance, saving time and improving efficiency.

Number Systems, The Old Standby

Numbers don’t lie. If colors aren’t your thing, you can always go with the old standby: a numeric based system. This can also be used with a color code system for an even more effective move.

The idea is to assign each box a number. Once this is done, create an inventory list and record that number, along with a corresponding list of that box’s contents. For example, we can fill a box with bathroom supplies and label it with a number one( #1) as well as the word “Bathroom” to indicate where it should go. The inventory list will tell you exactly what kind of items are in the box in question.
A good number system will save you from having to write out the contents of the box on each visible side. Just write the number in large, legible print and move on!

Make sure not to lose the inventory list or the whole system will fall apart. Just remember to make copies in case you something happens to the original list. Save a digital copy on your phone or email it to yourself as an extra precaution.

Labeling Like a Pro

Labeling moving boxes is an extremely personal process that boils down to your own preferences. As such, there’s no hard rules that are set in stone. That being said, here are some guidelines that have proven effective in the past:

Choose whichever system works best for you. Make sure to mark the top and at least two sides of each box. Any writing should be visible on at least one side if boxes are stacked. Time is of the essence and shouldn’t be wasted needlessly by shuffling boxes around to see what the contents are.

You’ll want to cover labels with clear packing tape to protect them from rain. This has the added benefit of preventing them from falling off during transit. Failing that, glue is a suitable, albeit not ideal, back up.

If you have a box of fragile keepsakes or collectibles, mark the box as such so that extra care is taken. Write the words “FRAGILE” or “HANDLE WITH CARE” legibly with red or black letters on each side to alert the carrier, your trusted local Tucson movers, to the delicate nature of the box’s contents.

Label the box as soon as it’s packed so that you don’t forget what’s in it. Mark contents, destination, and any special handling requirements .

If you’re using second hand boxes, check to see if there are conflicting marks. Did someone use them to move? Is there a big #2 on each side from the previous owner? Make sure to cover any old markings with your own labels to avoid confusion. If not possible, make due by covering them with colored tape or sheets of paper. You don’t want your bedroom items to be placed in the kitchen if you can avoid it.

Full-Service Packing and Moving Solutions by Zooz Moving

If you follow these tips, you’ll be well on your way to a smooth and efficient moving experience. Contact the Zooz Moving team today and receive a free, no-obligation estimate on our full-service packing and moving soltuions. They pride themselves on their careful handling of clients belongings; from small objects like the blender, to larger objects like a Grand Piano. For a five-star moving experience in and around the Tucson, Arizona region, trust Zooz Moving to get the job done right!

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